Moral Degradation of Modern Children

Moral Degradation of Modern Children

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Globalization gives rise to a variety of increasingly sophisticated technologies. It will have a positive impact on those who can use it well, but it can also have a devastating impact on those who abuse it. Moral degradation occurs in everything from speech, dress, and behavior. The moral degradation of children today is one of the social problems that need to be paid attention both from parents in particular and society or government in general.

The development of technology in the era of globalization is very significant with the development of the soul of a young generation who are very eager to go forward achieve the lofty ideals for the future. The crisis of values ??and character, becomes a great scourge that burdens the nation. The rise of social irregularities in society has become a proof of degradation of values ??and character among Indonesian society today. Most Indonesian people seem to have forgotten the values ??of Pancasila which during the guidelines of the nation's fundamental life.

This nation eventually lost its identity as a nation that has integrity as a nation based on Pancasila, a fundamental principle rooted in the noble value of our nation.

Children increasingly forget the obligation as a successor to the nation, the obligation as a student to study at school. The bad impact caused by the effect of globalization as I read that is the case of death H, grade X students Budi Mulya high school. From there, we can see a very striking difference with the students of the past. The duty of a child who only studies in school is now almost lost in students.

This case is indeed a case of underage, but judging from the way the perpetrator is not a trivial case but it is a fatal case because it resulted in eliminating a person's life deliberately ie premeditated murder in the Criminal Code set forth in Article 340 is anyone who intentionally and with prior plans depriving the life of another person, threatened by murder with a plan (moord), by death penalty or life imprisonment or for a certain period of time, for a maximum period of twenty years or a juridical murder under section 338 of the Criminal Code, which says: deliberately eliminating the life of another person, because the guilty of committing the murder of a criminal under imprisonment for fifteen years is also not known for certain. but in fact, regardless of the case was included in 338 of the Criminal Code or in 340 of the Criminal Code, the case was left unchecked and nobody dared to report that even the high schools of SMAN 7 Indraprasta argued that they did not know there was a deadly duel behind their own field.

In fact, very vile actions are around him. According to news circulating, this case of persecution is a case of pre-planned. H who was in the Church to be picked up by his brother was asked to duel with other school students who are in the field behind SMA Indraprasta Bogor it means there is a very mature plan. When like this, where is H's parents? Should, communication between parents and children need to be improved again so that children are not wrong in taking action. It remains a mystery, why the cases of student violence that became hereditary traditions each year continues to occur. Why the school does not prevent this kind of action. May parents become more cautious and more vigilant in educating and nurturing children to avoid this happening.

Another case, that is the case in adolescents who are pregnant out of wedlock is V. This case is viral on Facebook, which started from curhatan V if he is not recognized by in-laws and is now 7 months pregnant but experiencing domestic violence by her own husband. Then, V write down the status that could steal the attention of the citizen. From this case we can also see, where is the role of parents in educating their children when this case has not happened. If the child is known to be pregnant just act firmly, if still can be prevented why not from the beginning only. Parents should act decisively and give attention in educating children while looking for identity, not only firmly when there is a case deviant course because if not educate properly then the child will fall and impact on the future.

The progress of the world of globalization that increasingly challenges the lives of the nation's children must be accompanied by the strengthening of morals and religion as an effort to anticipate if the progress of the world of globalization can plunge the nation's children into a negative life and can damage the image of the Indonesian nation in the eyes of the international world.

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