Must-Have Accessories for Bohemian Style Enthusiasts. Occasional Show Different

Must-Have Accessories for Bohemian Style Enthusiasts. Occasional Show Different

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Bohemian style is one style that is hard to fade in the fashion world. Boho-chic that we often see in fashion magazines now is a combination of articles of ethnic clothing and modern elements, where the union creates an unconventional yet attractive style. Modern bohemian style itself is a transformation of the hippie style that had exploded in the 60s, especially in the west there. Now, being a bohemian does not mean wearing sari or ethnic bracelets alone. Bohemian style is also a lifestyle or lifestyle where you distance yourself from elements of modern life ranging from electronic devices, the necessities of life that contain chemicals, to the political view. Being a bohemian lifestyle means enjoying a life that is free and close to nature.

In the fashion world, accessories have a big role in creating a bohemian look. Unfortunately, such accessories are often sold expensive on the market. Fortunately for those of us who live in Indonesia, we have many funny accessories for a very economically affordable bohemian look. Here, some bohemian style accessories are very affordable and you can find almost in all cities in Indonesia.

Necklaces with elements of flora and fauna signify your closeness and love with nature.

Those who have a bohemian soul must indirectly also a nature lover. Therefore you must have accessories accessories with elements of flora and fauna to show your closeness to nature, especially nature motherland. One of the most interesting accessories is a terrarium necklace in which there are pieces of natural pieces such as flowers, cactus, until the moss. In addition to beautiful, these accessories can show the soul of your nature lovers!

A terrarium necklace can be found in online stores such as Etsy or Tokopedia. In addition, you can also make your own terrarium necklace with ease. Try checking here. In addition to the terrarium necklace, necklaces with bird feathers also have a good boho impression that uses real fur and artificial fur. Bird fur necklace also has a special spiritual meaning you know! According to Indian tribes in America, the eagle's fleece is a symbol of a close relationship between a person and the creator.

Wooden bracelets and seashells for closer connection with earth and the sea, woih!

Wooden bracelet is one of the accessories that you must wear for your bohemian appearance. Wooden bracelet itself is a form of beads, there is also a whole shape. For accessories this one is indeed we often see on the market, especially if you've been to Malioboro in Yogyakarta! Bracelet shells are also funny to be bohemian style accessories. If you are a mountain boy might prefer a wooden bracelet, you whose beach boy would probably prefer a shellfish bracelet.

Do not forget the same bag with ethnic motifs to showcase your cultural elements!

Girls are the most hobby collection of bags, but for you who like the bohemian look, you need a little different bag. Bags with ethnic motifs are a great choice for you who love bohemian style. For you who also want to display your nationalistic taste, try deh select bag with batik motif.

Try the gypsy look of freedom with an ankle bracelet!

The ankle bracelet is one of the accessories that is synonymous with several cultures, one of which is Indian culture and the Gypsy people. An ankle bracelet can also be an attractive accessory for those of you who like bohemian style especially because bohemian style is usually accompanied by clothes that show the ankle area. Eyebrow bracelet you can mix with funny sandals strap style.Strap sandals or strappy sandals beautify your feet with bohemian charm.

Strap sandals or strappy sandals are also one of the most important accessories for you who want to look bohemian style. In addition to beautiful, strap sandals also have their own advantages because they are light and cold in the legs. A strappy, leather-strapped sandal is one of the best to support your bohemian style!

Kimono cardigan not only protect you from the air but also boost your bohemian boost level!

Bohemian style is usually synonymous with thin clothes and waving like a cardigan and skirt maksi chiffon. Associated with cardigan, one cardigan that can raise your boho-chic level is a kimono-type cardigan. They are usually designed with ethnic motifs that are cute and beautiful as in the picture above.

Well, for you who just tried this bohemian style, you must have the basic accessories above. In addition to beautiful, they are usually also very affordable and easy to find in Indonesia. Bohemian is not only a unique style and stylish but also a lifestyle that can bring peace and positive values ??in your life. Do not believe? Cobain deh!

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