My dreams become Pilot

My dreams become Pilot

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[/ caption] Wow … fun to fly like a hawk in the air. Can see the beautiful natural scenery, see the big fish in the sea, see the blue mountains covered with white smoke, looking over the expanse of the Green Trees from the forest, and can travel to various places without worrying about the congestion of the city. So who wants to aspire to be a "pilot"? Being a "pilot" is the ideal of some children in Indonesia, not only boys but also girls want it. Imagine, a pilot always travels to various places with a fairly short time. that's one of my dreams as well as small time but not achieved. because the pilot who controls the aircraft in the air has some conditional check dot kits:

must be graduated high school or level (this can be fulfilled: D)
at least the length of the leg from the groin 100 cm (Self-conscious short guy hard to be mate: P)
pass a health test covering heart, eyes, etc. (My eyes bintitan like ngitip girl bathing in the river: P: P)
pass the English test (Can only say 'i Love you: P: P: P)
has a general knowledge of Flight (Knowledge of the direction of the aircraft plane is enough .. proven to know that from the airport to the United States to take the plane must pass through the left, then turn right twice, straight up to meet the base of the bird banggau, and there deh place: P : P: P: P)
quickly calculate math and physics ((Life + Love = Happy) X (Life-love = sad) = That's real life, enjoy it): P
pass the motor neuron test (hyperactive child so pass if this: D: D: D: D: D)

Of the seven requirements that exist kayak who escaped it only two is the number 1 and 7 … huhuhuhu … T.T But if so can not be a pilot is okay, Kah each could be journalistic! So I joined Eagle Awards Documentary Competition (EADC) 2012 Indonesia Tough flying like eagle each can be realized ^. ^ Praise God, can pass the first stage 50 big. Hopefully each one can pass to the next stage that is in the selection of proposals phase II to select the 22 Best Proposals will be conducted from 14-18 May 2012 by the jury. : D In addition, each long struggle that must be in passing to get a flying permit from the Eagle Awards tower. there is a process of interview selection, semifinalist research, psychological testing, pitching forum, eagle lab, from post to production, to the destination of premiere and Awards Night. ^. ^ … The burning spirit reaches the sky-high goals. Max Andrew Pilot Eagle 1


Also grieving for the tragedy of the plane crash of sukhoi superjet100, may the family left by God gives the power to be a bang. ^. ^ the spirit of "life must still Go on" God with all of you. "Amen"

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