My Only Love For You

My Only Love For You

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To you who hurt me
many questions are in my head

For almost 6 years we've been through this relationship and we already feel the bitter sweetness of this relationship, but why so easy your heart turned to another love, why so easy you forget the love you used to be proud of

Even though you have hurt me and have given me such a deep wound in my heart, it is not easy for me to forget your feeling "I am too deep for me

why this love remains faithful waiting for you

why this love can still forgive you

I am weak

what because this is true love

For almost 6 years we have together we have the same dream but why are you betraying that dream all this time I ever leave you even I have shut down from the other love it all just for you


Why do you bear to betray this sincere love

why do you bear to love my loveMy prayers are only for you who have hurt me

Even though you have hurt me, I still try to get my love back, but why every effort I make to get you back is always wrong, you never see the slightest effort I have done as you close your eyes and do not want to see it at all and only give injuries and injuries

for you
learn to appreciate what one does for you

It all started from the dream, every person must have dreams I did not say achieve the dream is easy precisely what I get is a very big hurdle, but I never give up, why dream if we just want to give up because I believe our dreams become most useful when that dream can come true
do not ever give up

maybe you want to find your own happy with others, with all the pain you have given, so much meaning that I can take and be a lesson for me for the future

I never give up to get your "back" but maybe this is the best way for us, I sincerely melepesmu maybe you are happier if with him, for me the important you happy is enough for me and that includes my effort to happy you though not with myself

Maybe if God still allows us to reunite, I will not let you out of my life

God please keep him for me

God please strengthen my wounded heart

God if he's not my soul mate please get rid of this feeling for her

God if he's my soul mate please give him back for me

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