My son is rarely sick thanks to SHARP Plasmacluster AC

My son isAs a housewife, I have many tasks. In addition to doing the housekeeping business, I also have time to cook and choose foods that are nutritious for my child. Moreover, I have two small children who are still vulnerable to disease. Nutritious food can make children more resistant to disease. Indeed, small children especially toddlers are more susceptible to disease because their immune system is weaker than adults. I remember the incident a few years ago when the little one was 2.5 years old and my youngest was 1.5 years old. They both went sickly. When they both get sick together almost stress I made. How not, Besides taking care of housekeeping housekeeping I still have to take care of two sick toddlers. Although the pain is sometimes only trivial like fever or cough and colds. But when they get sick they become more fussy and do not want to be quiet. Moreover, although it seems simple, cold cough disease is not good also for health. Especially if too often and prolonged. Long-term can cause pneumonia. Tired of taking care of my sick toddler, finally after discussing with my husband about the effects and effects on our health, the costs we have to pay for electricity and some other considerations, finally in May 2008 from our husband's annual bonus agreed to buy two AC Sharp Plasmacluster. One was installed in our room and one was installed in the children's room. With this air conditioner we hope, cough and cold disease due to influenza virus in the room can be minimized or even can be eliminated with Plasmacluster. The purchase of two pairs of SHARP Plasmacluster air conditioning has been through several deliberations. One of them is a small wattage of 330 watts for AC 1/2 pk. With this small watt we do not worry the voltage goes down at night. Especially when the voltage at our house is only 1300 watts. God bless you. even though the night and two air-conditioning were on as our home voltage did not go down. In terms of electricity costs were cheaper when compared with other AC brands. And clearly this SHARP AC contains Plasmacluster. High ion concentrations inside Plasmacluster are capable of accelerating air purification in the room. In addition, Plasmacluster can disable microbial virus, allergy-causing bacteria and unpleasant odors. Because as we know, the virus is not just outdoors, inside the house was also there. So, the purchase of SHARP Plasmacluster AC is the right thing to do. Incidentally my two children often cough and runny, so Plasmacluster is very help me reduce allergies because it has the potential to be used in system development to reduce the number of influenza virus infeksis in a closed room. For some people with asthma, Plasmacluster is also very useful. Now four more years have passed. Alhamdulilah, since the presence of Plasmacluster the frequency of my child's cold cough cough is reduced. Not that they never cough a cold at all. Occasionally they are still coughing and colds, but the frequency is not as frequent as before we install SHARP Plasmacluster AC. With our breathing Plasmacluster is healthier because the air is inhaled cleaner and fresher. Thank you plasmacluster ions. Thanks SHARP …..

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