[MYTH or FACE] A man whose stomach is bulging, Mr. Her P is Tend Small

Obesity is often a frightening specter for most people. That is, for those of you who are overweight but do not feel or do not care about health problems, do not need to respond too much to this article, yes.

This condition increases the risk of various diseases ranging from threatening heart health, blood vessels, metabolism, and diabetes. But it's not just that, especially you boys should know. Obesity also affects your manhood later in bed. Especially when the fatness is centered in the abdominal area aka distended stomach.

Then, what's the relationship between the stomach and the masculine? Hmm..yuk docked, we find out the same, yes!

Apparently, the size of the penis will shorten as membuncitnya belly. That's what Dr. Edward Karpman, a urologist from California, United States

Wow, hell!

Furthermore, Dr. Edward mentions, if your weight increases about 22.7 kg then your penis reduced 2.54 centimeters.

Meanwhile, other research results revealed that:

In some cases, belly fat can obscure the penis, says Ronald Tamler, MD, PhD, co-director of the Mens Health Program at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City.

When the fat accumulates in the lower abdomen, this can affect the size of the penis. The massive buildup of the fat layer makes the penis look shorter, says Ira Sharlip, MD, professor of urology clinic at the University of California, San Francisco.

As reported by Betterbodyjournal, the guy has a fat bag in the pelvic area around the penis. Under no circumstances, this fat will look hanging. But if the guy has a distended stomach, then the amount of fat in the area around the penis will be more and more. In other words, the penis will look increasingly shortened because it is covered in fat.

Not only that, distended stomach also resulted in erectile dysfunction or impotence in the male penis. Duh, do not mind ..Guys whose stomach circumference is more than 100 cm, potentially 3 to 4 times more likely to experience impotence than men with flat stomachs, said Dr. Samuel Oetoro, Sp.GK, clinical nutrition specialist from MRCCC Siloam Hospitals Semanggi.

This is reinforced by the results of research conducted by Giovanni Corona, from the University of Florence, so ..

Obesity rates are associated with decreased testosterone levels in the blood. Where the low testosterone hormones cause erectile dysfunction or impotence.

In conclusion, physically the penis does not become shorter, but becomes shorter functionally. The more fat that covers the area around the penis, the possibility of penis penetrate deeper will be smaller.

Then, what should you do for the normal size of the stomach and the shape and function of the penis that is not disappointing? You see

To be able to shrink the stomach volume and reduce excess abdominal fat, there are two practical ways you can do:

1. Sit ups proved to burn fat and lower waist circumference because the strength of abdominal muscles increased so as to hold fat better

Lie down, knees bent, and legs clinging to the floor.
Position the hand on the thigh, above the chest, or behind the ear.
Gently get up and aim your body to the knee until the shoulders are about three inches (about 7.62cm) above the floor.
Hold this position for a few seconds and lower yourself to the floor slowly.

The method tested directly by Professor Dylan Thompson of the University of Bath, England, the result is fat does not decrease, but their health conditions increased sharply. Blood pressure decreases and even a participant can enjoy reduced sugar levels, from the level of diabetics to normal.

2. Diet by reducing the portion of the meal, multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables and reduce snacks

Reduce the portion of the meal into three-quarters or half of the usual, with a note do not change the type of food consumed (still meet the recommended nutritional content).
Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables as a complementary food.
Drink warm water which is added lemon every morning after waking up.
Reduce consumption of snacks or light snacks.By doing this kind of diet, the effort to shrink the stomach proved successful as a direct study conducted by professors in the field of metabolic drugs from the University of Oxford, Fredrik Karpe.

After 6 weeks on a diet, each participant experienced an average weight loss of about 3.7 kg. The average waist circumference they are also reduced about 5 cm.

In conclusion, if you want to burn stomach fat deposits in a healthy and effective way, do two ways at the same time. Undoubtedly, belly fat will disappear and abdominal volume becomes normal. And most importantly, the size and function of your Mr.P will also be excellent. How, ready to live healthy?

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