Natural Ways to Overcome Insomnia

Natural Ways to Overcome Insomnia

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One form of rest to restore energy is to sleep. But what if someone has a sleep disorder or insomnia? No need to worry, there are several natural ways to sleep activities become more healthy and orderly. How to overcome the imsomnia include:

Sport Lightly Regularly
Set the time as much as possible to exercise or regular movements in the morning. A scientist from the University of Piisburgh School of Medicine, Dr, Chris Kline, said regular exercise for at least a quarter hour can give a positive effect for sleep. The trick is doing light physical exercises, stretching regularly has an effect on fixing sleep difficulties, especially among women. Scientifically the movement can reduce the level of anxiety and depression and help regulate the temperature in our body.

Minimize Light
If the room light is used to light then dim the light. Research results from Dr. Michael Terman, PhD, researcher of light and biological rhythms from Colombia University Medical Center said, there are several types of light bulbs that can affect imsomnia, the white light from bright fluorescent lights. In contrast to the low blue light in the light spectrum can press the body release melatonin, the hormone that makes us easily drowsy, or choose lights with soft or warm shades with temperature 3000 kelvins or below. With this light is believed will not trigger insomnia.

Insomnia caused by stress, the effects of drugs or illness must be cured through the doctor's treatment. However, if imsomnia comes from a lifestyle then it can be overcome, as advised health expert Prof dr Klaus Allof from Nuremberg, Germany through some research.

Bath or Warm Water Bath
Bath or bath water temperature 32-37 degrees celcius 10-20 minutes before bed, because the body needs a comfortable temperature and relaxation in order to sleep soundly after tired of activity. When this is done routinely then you will get a quality sleep.

Nutritious Food
Avoid sleep stimulants, but replace with nutritious foods containing vitamin B6 such as bananas, papaya, and a glass of milk. These nutrients will be able to encourage the increase of serotonin hormone.

Sports Routine
A minimum of 20 minutes every morning to exercise light, yoga or breathing exercises, the function that the body is able to release hormone endorphin (hormone that makes sleep difficult).

That's some natural way to overcome insomnia. May be useful for you all.

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