Natural Ways to Treat Chronic Sinusitis

Natural Ways to Treat Chronic Sinusitis

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Rainy season like today many benefits but also can cause negative effects for health, one of the diseases that often arise when the rainy season is Influenza. The flu can usually be cured with regular medicines that we can get at the stalls around. But if the flu has been prolonged or chronic it is not the common cold but the disease sinusitis.

Sinusitis usually resolves after treatment but may recur again. If the sinusitis recurs then the eyes will feel itchy, head becomes dizzy and clogged nose. If it is like that sinusitis patients are advised not to go out at night, do not get exposed to cold air, and also rain water. If bathing for sinusitis sufferers cultivated not too early or not too late. Do not drink ice, avoid smoking or stay away from cigarette smoke because it aggravates sinusitis itself.

The natural way that we can try to treat chronic sinusitis is as follows:

Traditional Sinusitis Drugs


Red glut ginger (two fingers hand)
Lemongrass taken rootstock (1 bar)
Nutmeg (seed)
Kaffir lime leaves (5 pieces)
Steamed (7 seeds)
Cloves (7 seeds)
Cinnamon (one finger)
Palm sugar (250 grams)

How to make:

Ginger burned a few minutes as long as not burned and peeled, washed and crushed, boiled with other ingredients with 4 glasses of water. After the remaining half or approximately two more glasses, lifted and filtered. Drink stew three times a day as much as a glass. If the recurrence of sinusitis can be drunk again.

That's the natural way of treating chronic sinusitis. In addition to taking traditional medicines above, when exposed to sinusitis disease then we must also avoid all abstinence that will aggravate sinusitis disease itself. Get well soon.

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