Natural Ways To Treat Fevers For Adults And Children

Natural Ways To Treat Fevers For Adults And Children

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Fever or commonly called fever is a disease that causes the body's heat to rise, but for people who experience the fever the body feels cold shivering, insomnia, decreased appetite, etc.

Fever can spread to anyone, both parents and children. Handling is also different, because the medicine is different.

Many factors that cause fever, one of them due to uncertain weather, rain, frequent night and catch the night wind.

Treating the disease can use pharmacies or food stalls and can also check to the doctor. Besides that there is another alternative, which is using traditional medicine that the materials are easily found around us.

One natural way that can be used to treat fever is:

Treating Fever For Adults

Prepare materials:

1 chicken egg (take the yolk only)
1 stalk turmeric (grated, then squeezed take water only)
1 tbsp honey

Ways of making:

Beat the egg yolk until it expands
Add the turmeric juice to the egg whisk
Then input the honey into the mixture, shake it back until it is completely mixed

Treating Fever In ChildrenSome simple ways to treat fever in children, among others:

Give the child a honey pink rose, can be in the kiosk seller of traditional herbal medicine
Using leaf dadap. The way to take leaves dadap 1 sheet, then the leaves are in knead (give a little water). If it is limp (not to tear), stick it on the child's forehead.
Gray fruit. The way the fruit is in the scar, then grated in the paste on the child's forehead.

That's the natural way to treat fever in children and adults. But keep in mind, if the fever does not immediately go down, immediately consult a doctor. May be useful.

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