Nature Needs Refreshment And Conservation From Humans

Nature Needs Refreshment And Conservation From Humans

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By: Syaifu Adidharta | The more the development of the times will surely be many extraordinary changes in the social life of the world community. The development of the current era unfortunately less attention to the balance of natural processes that are increasingly aging. The development of the human created era is more focused on improving the quality of Infrastructure Primary balance of the balance of improving Infrastructure Scunder inside. This means more focused on increasing human needs alone rather than consider the balance of the needs of nature itself.

The mountains that are not green anymore, barren and barren due to the act of human children who still just love to destroy the beauty of this nature

So do not be surprised if in this modern century many natural disaster events that masterminded one after another, not even a few natural disasters of any kind can come together. That is all more due to the pattern and the human system developing the development of life does not pay attention to the sustainability of nature. Humans are more sophisticated to dredge the riches of nature for the basic ingredients of their needs. Including for the development of technology, humans take more materials of nature as the basic material of hardware. For example, in Indonesia, natural disasters to this day are still common. Whether it's banjir bandang natural disasters, land lonsor, the mountain erupted until the earthquake disaster bum. And including natural disasters caused by the carelessness of human beings in Sudiarjo, such as Lapindo mud events. And it is expected that natural disasters will come near the nadir point of human life today, humans will get a tremendous disaster with the current condition of Global Warning.

Scenery of Longsong Ready Forests Due to Erosion

Nature is old, but it does not mean to be silenced and dredged as it content of this nature. Nature needs a refresher and needs recovery. Unlike humans need to eat, need to drink, need clothes, need health, need a place to live, need a more decent life. So does nature otherwise. If the continuous condition of nature is damaged and rampas contents and beauty. So do not blame this nature when it is angry with its turmoil. While humans can only say and angry to nature in the event of various natural disasters that come and go. It is clear that nature needs the repair and care of man himself, and if human beings are willing to realize and want more to preserve the existence of this nature, then surely this nature will be more powerful and beautiful to be enjoyed by humans in life. Forests should not be taken only wood, but the forest also needs to be replanted with a productive crop. The land should not only be dug continuously just to take its contents, but the land also needs to be fertilized and strengthened. And much more to be considered by humans to continue to maintain the beauty and balance of this nature. There is no more suffering anywhere because of the wrath of nature. Natural disasters we can overcome our origin is no longer greedy damage and dredge the contents of this nature with arbitrary. Take advantage of this nature with the best by not reducing the structure and beauty of nature itself. FOREST DAMAGE IN INDONESIA Forest destruction in Indonesia is caused by several factors, including:

1. Economic Interest In managing forests economic interests seem to be more dominant than thinking about the importance of ecological sustainability. As a result, the long-term dimension of ecological sustainability is neglected. This process goes linear with the acceleration of the global economy and the free market. The free market generally encourages each country to seek the most optimal resource composition and an export product specialization.
Countries with low technological capabilities such as Indonesia tend to base their industry on a dense field of natural resources. This is coupled with the understanding that exploiting natural resources including forests is the easiest and cheapest way to earn export foreign exchange.
Industrialization in Indonesia that has not reached the level of maturity has also made it impossible to leave such a solid industry. Then the heavy foreign debt burden has also contributed to making Indonesia forced to exploit its natural resources excessively to be able to pay off state debts.
This is why Indonesia's non-oil and gas exports are still dominated and based on solid products such as natural resources. Timber exports, mining and other forest product exploits occur within such a framework. Ironically these activities are often carried out in an exploitative manner and accompanied by illegal activities carried out by large or small companies and even communities that eventually aggravate and accelerate the occurrence of forest destruction.
2. Law Enforcement that

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