New Businesses Interested in Social Media Rental Private Jet Create Doang Photo!

New Businesses InterestedAdvances in technology in fact do have a major impact on life. Especially in the field of information technology. Whether it's easy to work, communicate with family, or make LDR possible, everyone can no longer seem to get out of her online life on various social media. The thing is, one's online life seems to now be much different from the realities of their life as it really is.

From the photo #iwokeuplikethis when already preened 30 minutes before, until all forms of self-image only for the sake of like, love, or new followers doang. Includes a photo of the socialite who posed in a luxurious private jet. Apparently the photos like that actually can be quite deceptive lho. Not everyone who takes pictures like that of a millionaire or a rich person you know. There is a new business that provides private jet rentals just for photoshoot! So many people who want to narcissistic and show off false status, this present business finally mushroomed. Miris sih but actually the price is also not expensive really you know. Create a curious, let's see more info together Hipwee News & Feature!

One of the private jet rentals in Moscow, Russia is presented to meet the needs of narcissistic media users soial

As we feel today, social media becomes part of the inevitable lifestyle. Meeting the social media, especially Instagram is now a must. Of course not just any photo. But something that has more value, whether it is in terms of photography, beauty, or perhaps the goods on display. The desire of Instagram users to more exist is read by one of the companies that rent out private jets. Due to the cost of traveling using jet pirbadi is very expensive, then the company called Private Jet Studio offers a package photoshoot in the jet.

Is not what Instagram users need only images when they are sitting inside a private jet?

The cost for shooting inside this luxury jet is Rp2.5-3 million for two hours. Yes actually not expensive really

Who would have thought, apparently this business is selling well. Not a bit of programming or even the not so famous Instagram users hire this private jet for shooting. The goal especially if not beautify their Instagram account feed. Although paying millions of Rupiah, it was comparable to the satisfaction of the images that will be on display at Instagram later. Moreover, imagine like a barrage, not to mention a comment that contains admiration or praise, of course doing this photoshoot is a must.

For rent for two hours, the tenants are charged about Rp2, 4 million without a photographer. While who want to hire a photographer at once, will cost you Rp3, 2 million.

The seductive and enduring lifestyle of this falsehood successfully brought these private jet tenants increasingly popular

Either can be called apprehensive or indeed understandable, most users of social media, especially Instagram now does seem to impose their lifestyle. For the sake of looking wow in front of others, they will do anything. Even fake a fancy lifestyle like this though. Make themselves as if using a private jet everywhere, but just to sit and shoot it.

But such falsehoods and enforced luxury lifestyles are in fact paid off with the growing number of likes and followers. There is inner satisfaction when someone has much more followers from following them. The amount of likes also do not lose much also make the user feel happy.So it's not surprising when someone's Instagram account is filled with beautiful places, up to luxury items. Some do have a life like that, but some are just trying to behave as if their life is as fancy.

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