New rules of HP inspection before being taken to the aircraft cabin

New rules of HP inspection before being taken to the aircraft cabinMinistry of Transportation (Kemenhub) asserted, there is no prohibition for passengers to carry electronic goods such as laptops or hp (mobile phone) to the cabin aircraft. It's just a more rigorous inspection, either with x-Ray or manually.

Directorate General of Civil Aviation Ministry of Transportation explains, electronic goods that will be brought passengers into the aircraft must be checked closely with x-ray and also manually.

"Laptops and other electronic items of the same size must be removed from the bag / baggage and inspected via an x-ray machine," "sounds the Directorate General of Civil Aviation as written in the Setkab in Jakarta, Sunday (2/4).

If the inspection using the x-ray engine is still hesitant to the operator, a new manual inspection will be done.

Inspection of electronic goods manually to be done officer is with steps as follows:

1. Prospective passenger / owner of the goods must turn on the electronic device

2. Passenger / Owner of electronic goods will be required to operate the electronic device

3. Flight security personnel will supervise and see the results of inspection of the device.

"So once again, there is no prohibition to bring a laptop or electronic device to the cabin of the plane, just a more tightened examination," said the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

"Do not be surprised if at the airport later the examination will be more stringent.This is for our safety and security together," "said Kemenhub cuitan.

To that end, Kemenhub appealed to people who use air transport services in order to try to arrive at the airport much earlier, because the possibility of inspection will be a bit time consuming so that there queue."So here there is no prohibition of bringing a laptop or other electronic goods to the aircraft cabin, only the examination is tightened," said Kemenhub. [idr]

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