New Species of Orang Utan Found in Indonesia

New Species of Orang Utan Found in Indonesia

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Almost every big island in Indonesia such as Sumatera, Kalimantan, Java, Bali, Sulawesi, and Papua there are animals that are currently highly maintained population so that the grandchildren of this nation can still enjoy the beauty of endangered species of Indonesia in the future. Tiger, Orang Utan, Anoa, Cendrawasih, Komodo are some endemic Indonesian animals that make the world amazed by its beauty.

In fact, the WWF or World Wide Fund World Wildlife Protection Organization (WWF) or World Wildlife Protection Organization also supports the conservation and protection of the population of endangered animals in Indonesia by sending researchers to overseas veterinarians who are members of this organization to record population, rescue animals with medical assistance , to conduct research with the aim of the discovery of new species that may not have been found in Indonesia and known to the world.

Orang Utan, is one of the endangered and also iconic for Indonesia, because this animal is endemic from Borneo and Sumatera island with latin name of Pongo. Physically, Orang Utans resemble the Gorilla species, but are smaller in size and have wider cheekbones. Orang Utan itself is also more benign when compared with Gorilla who have more aggressive nature when meeting with humans. Anatomically the body shape, Orang Utans have longer arms as they function to reach the branches of the tree when they jump, and the distinctive feature of reddish brown fur possessed by Orang Utans.

Recently, a new Orang Utan species was found in the Tapanuli area of ??Sumatra. Reportedly, this new species of Orang Utan Indonesia is found in the forests, the highlands of North Sumatra. According to one of the international animal research team from Univesity of Zurich, Prof. Michael Kruetzen, The significant difference of the Orang Utan species in Tapanuli has a different skull and tooth shape and a long, shrill voice used to summon his flock. He continued, this Orangutans type is one of the most dangerous species of ape from one family of Gorilla, Chimpanzees and Bonobos.

This Tapanuli Orang Utan species, according to an international team of researchers written in The Journal Current Biology, has been isolated from the outside world some 10,000 to 20,000 years ago. And actually this species has been found in 1997, it's just no record of discovery and further research. Their current population is threatened by the reduction of their habitat area, due to forest clearance for road access, mining, or oil palm plantation needs. Especially the area that became the habitat of Orang Utan Tapanuli has been built dams and hydroelectric power plants.

The international team of researchers also said that the survival of the Tapanuli Orang Utan population could be threatened with extinction in the near future. if they lose much of their habitat in the forests of North Sumatra. Lauren Sutherlin, an activist from the Rainforest Action Network, said that to preserve forest and rare animal populations in Indonesia there needs to be awareness and control over world food production and paper products for investors and national and local governments.


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