New Week Inaugurated, Baturraden Flower Park Destroyed Visitors

New Week Inaugurated, Baturraden Flower Park Destroyed VisitorsSEMARANG, The existence of a beautiful flower garden in the courtyard of Baturraden Botanical Gardens, in Purwokerto Tourism Area, Banyumas Regency, Central Java is reported to have tampered with visitors. Some visitors are seen in the middle of the colorful flower beds.

The flower garden has not been given a pedestrian path, so it should not be skipped.

Baturraden Botanical Gardens was just last week inaugurated on Saturday (19/12/2015) and Chairman of the Foundation of Indonesian Botanical Gardens, Megawati Soekarno Putri with Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo and Environment Minister Siti Nurbaya.

The destruction was reported by some netizens via social media Twitter to Ganjar.

Twitter account @Pramuditagih, reported that the flower garden was trampled by the visitors.

Good morning father @ ganjarpranowo. The Flower Garden at Baturraden Botanical Gardens is already being trampled by people. Please take action, he wrote.

Other netizens also reported the same to Ganjar. They regret the visitors who considered damaging the flower garden.

After the flowers yesterday, now on the rock raden. Nitizen pd sad dg ulah Anak alay who say the present, call Nimas Ayu P Goddess in @Nienmaez.

Niki pak @ganjarpranowo misbehavior, write @Bagusadhisadewa.

Measures to anticipate that his garden is not damaged gmn pak pak? Jgn smp the exact occurrence of spt in the patuh mountain, added @ dede_rafi07.

Governor Ganjar himself only short reply. Through his account on Twitter, he asked residents to consciously keep the park built. He asked citizens to be orderly.If not orderly sy tertibkan, write @ ganjarpranowo.

Please dong we are orderly … We hrs jg together, write him again.

Based on searches, there are some photos of people loading inappropriate actions from the visitors. They are busy taking pictures with the background of the newly built flowers. As a result, the flower garden that actually should not be skipped, it just skipped, and not the least make as a photo object.

Most of them take pictures with dark purple background.

The place is right on the left side of the gate of Baturraden Botanical Garden. Visitors who come can directly see the beauty of the newly inaugurated flowers.

In the photo he uploaded there was a netizen who was in the middle of the flower garden at the Botanical Garden. It is exactly in the purple flower, and makes it the background of the photo.

Baturraden Botanical Garden itself is projected to be a source for all flora plants in Java. The garden was developed in the tourist area of ??Baturraden, covering an area of ??143.5 hectares.

The current botanical garden has been equipped with the construction of a number of roads, pedestrians, office buildings, until the collection of plant expoliation process.

A number of parks have also been built, such as fern gardens, drug parks, to the theme parks 'flora of java.' This garden will also work for planting and maintaining other plant collections.

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