News Most Popular Viral Photos Minister Susi, Hary Tanoe Examination, and Visa Unlimited Rizieq Shihab

News Most PopularJAKARTA, – Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti, caught on camera was asleep in the waiting room seat of John F. Kennedy Airport, New York, United States. The photos were scattered in social media.

The news became the most popular article, Tuesday (13/6/2017). Minister Susi reap the praise of netizens.

In addition, there is also news that entered the top 5 most popular ranks, namely visa news Saudi Arabia Rizieq Shihab called his lawyer "unlimited", also the inspection of MNC Group founder Hary Tanoesoedibjo.

Here are five most popular news

1. Viral photos sleeping Minister Susie

Netizens were shocked by photos of Marine and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti who was asleep in the waiting room seat of John F. Kennedy Airport, New York, USA.

Monitoring KompasTekno, the photo is shared by a Facebook account on behalf of Jim B Aditya, on Monday (12/06/2017) at 00:01 midnight.

The account gives praise to Susie. According to him, at that time the minister fell asleep because of fatigue after a speaker at the United Nations (UN) conference on maritime in New York.

More can be read in this link: Photo of Minister Susi Sleeping at the Busy Airport Seat at Medsos

2. "Unlimited" Visa Rizieq Shihab

Akhdi Martin Pratama Head of Islamic Defense Front Rizieq Shihab visited the flood site in Pejaten Timur area, South Jakarta on Wednesday (22/2/2017). The lawyer of the head of Islamic Defense Front Rizieq Shihab, Kapitra Ampera, said that his client received a special visa visit from the Kingdom Saudi Arabia. He called the visa has no expiry date.Kapitra claimed just got the information from Rizieq on Sunday (11/06/2017) tonight.

"Habib Rizieq is my new chat, he can get a special visa from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, when he left for a special visa, until when, unlimited days," said Kapitra via telephone to on Sunday night.

Read the full news here: Rizieq Shihab Can Visa Special Unlimited Visits and Immigration DG Appendix Call No Unlimited Visa for Rizieq

3. Hary Tanoe Examination

Fachri Fachrudin Founder of MNC Group Hary Tanoesoedibjo (HT) fulfilled the call of the Directorate of Criminal Crime (Tipidsiber) Criminal Investigation Police, Monday (06/12/2017). He will be examined as a witness regarding the alleged case of a threat threatening to the Chief of Sub-Directorate of Investigator of Yulianto Young Special Criminal Attorney. The founder of MNC Group Hary Tanoesoedibjo (HT) meets the call of the Criminal Crime Directorate (Tipidsiber) Criminal Investigation Police on Monday (12/6/2017 ).

Hary Tanoe was examined as a witness regarding the alleged short threatening message to the Chief of Sub-Directorate of Yulianto's Special Intorney General for Special Crimes.

The Chairman of the Perindo Party arrived at the Bareskrim Tipidsiber Office, while located near the Gambir Police Sector, Tanah Abang, Jakarta, at around 7:30 pm.

Dressed in darkness, he was driven to drive a Toyota Alphard with police number B 153 LT.

Read more read: Hary Tanoe Fills Bareskrim Calls Related SMS to AGO and Acknowledges Send SMS to Attorney, Hary Tanoe Denies Want to Threaten

4. Transjakarta driver strike

Dozens of transjakarta buses stopped and parked along Jalan KH Hasyim Ashari, before Halte Harmoni, West Jakarta, Monday (06/12/2017) afternoon.The parking of this TransJakarta bus is part of the strike action of Transjakarta officials. Traffic flow is faltering. In addition, passengers are lowered in the middle of the road.

"We are sorry, Mrs., Mrs., the service stop here just yes, there is a demo," said a Transjakarta officer in bus corridor 3 Kalideres-Pasar Baru.

Read more read this news in Transjakarta Officer Demo article, Passengers were told to go down the middle of the road

5. India will withdraw Zakir Passport Up

DOCK. SETWAPRES Vice President Jusuf Kalla shakes hands with Zakir Naik's cleric when he meets at the official house on Saturday (4/3/2017). Government of India reportedly immediately revoke the passport of Zakir Naik, leader of Islamic Research Foundation (IRF).

The move was taken by the National Bureau of Investigation (NIA) because Zakir Naik was considered fleeing the country and absent from checks on alleged terrorism and money laundering.

According to some sources, Zakir Naik is presently most likely to be in Malaysia to apply for citizenship status in the country.

Read the full article on Indian Government News Unplug Zakir Passport Up

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