Night Live Owl Forced to Work in the Daytime. Believe me, It tortures them!

Night Live Owl

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Waah .. There's an owl, really funny. Come yuk, photoin me with them.

Oh my goodness, very tacky. Rich do not ever see owls aja.

Yes never hell, but it's usually malem, jatohnya scary if malem, hahaa ..

Hold on, you see, they're sleepy. Pity ~

Yes, animals are often the victims of human greed. In order to get the money sheets, people now willingly and consider the 'torture' of animals is a natural thing. Because they can not resist, humans so casually show their skill without caring about the conditions. Again the reason is only one, money. Look at the zoo, some often treat animals unfavorably. In some of the attractions were recently happened animal exploitation. Let's restore our consciousness together, hopefully the conscience is still in place.

About owls. It was since SD we already know, this one bird is a nocturnal animal aka move at night. But now, what's going on?

Try deh bayangin yourself, what it feels if your sleep less? How does it feel if it fits very sleepy and almost fell asleep then your face sprinkled with water? That's what happened to them, that's the fate of owls deliberately exploited in some tourist attractions. They were kept awake during the day so hot as to attract visitors to take pictures with them.

Mirisnya, owls are deliberately sprayed water to stay awake. When asked to the photographer, they even said it was something commonplace. If humans always ask for humanity, does not the animal also have the right to be noticed health, safety, and existence on this earth?

Call the Sikidang Crater on the Dieng Plateau, Bukit Kasih Kanonang, Tingtingon Hill Tomohon, Watu Pinawetengan, Soekarno Bridge in North Sulawesi, and a number of other destinations. You will be more sorry for this cute bird ..

Go to the places mentioned above, and you will find this funny-faced bird with a heart-shaped face to be the object of photos of tourists. Pity. In the past, not so much, there were only two or three. But this August, there are up to ten in every tourist location. Tourists must spend Rp 5 thousand if taking pictures with their own camera, and Rp 20 thousand for direct print photos. Yes, the birds are so complementary tourist destinations. Unfortunately, sadly, their lives are exploited. Once again, that afternoon they all slept.

If you get there, try deh perhatiin, owl that always looks sleepy and occasionally fall asleep. While the owner is so eager to offer photo services. If there are customers, they will instantly be woken up. Sometimes when shooting sessions take place, the eyes of these birds begin to look closed. Again and again forced to wake up to satisfy customers with good photos. The enthusiasm of tourists is so high with their presence, but do not let your conscience closed.Not just in tourist destinations, owls are also expected to be a magnet for the ongoing Car Free Day in several cities. What is the essence?

Basically, Car Free Day (CFD) activities, is to reduce air pollution in cities. But it seems some city governments should review the side effects or some ironic things that are the impact of this activity. Call it trash after that, and animal exploitation. If the reason is economic, we can dong to be not that dross, it should be.

CFDs in Gresik, Solo, Pekanbaru, Malang, Surabaya, and some other cities, there are owls also right there? The question is, why? Again to attract the interest of citizens, visitors to the CFD. To take pictures together and even diperjualbelikan, the price starts from Rp 750 thousand depending on size. There is also a quibble to socialize if the owl is not dangerous and deserve to be maintained. No fitting daylight is also yes and also brought to it. What does it mean to say you love the earth by reducing air pollution, if you are harassing others.

Veterinarians say, the beautiful owl can be prolonged stress if forced to move during the day. Moreover can lead to death. Is this not the same as murder?

Reported from, Drh. Wita Wahyudi said, the owl is forced to activate during the day will trigger the stress of an owl that can not be tolerated by his own body. Not only that, the activity in the noisy afternoon also adversely affects the retina of owls that are sensitive to light, obviously this is not at all friendly to animals.

A prolonged stress factor will trigger an increase in the expenditure of corticosteroids from the body that will impact the immune of the animal is weakened, making it more susceptible to disease, explained Wita.

Just so you know, owls have a role in maintaining the balance of ecosystems, because they are predators that prey on animals that potentially become pests such as mice. Well, if they continue to be hunted from nature, traded and collected in homes, then the balance of nature is crippled. You can imagine yourself.

A number of Protection of Forest & Fauna activists (PROFAUNA) have criticized the activity. Please, help preserve this animal, you should not take a photo so that this practice immediately stop

There are several reasons why there are some people who like to keep owls as collectibles. The most common reason is love. Because they claimed to take care of him properly in the sense of feeding and drinking enough. In fact, is that enough? No.

The reason for the love of the animals is far-fetched and contradicted by their treatment of owls. because carrying owls for roads during the day or taking pictures in the CFD shows they are actually not love, but exploit, said Rosek Nursahid, founder of PROFAUNA Indonesia quoted from

Just info as well, August 11 ago, there has been a response from Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) Central Java. BKSDA issued a letter dated 10 Agusus to the owl demonstrators around Dieng. The letter signed by BKSDA head Suharman essentially asks the perpetrator to stop the owl show to take pictures during the day. BKSDA asks them to pay attention to animal welfare.If Central Java province has acted, what about North Sulawesi province where tourism is also similar practice? Or other provinces? We pray, may be dismissed immediately. To help the preservation and welfare of the animals, you also do not want to photograph them. The hope is one, this practice less and less demand and stop all. And hopefully the photographer has a better idea to make a living without having to torture animals. Amen.

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