Not a Car or Aja Mobile Phone, Now Man Also Has Some Built-in Chip. Cool But Ngeri Sih Ini

Not a CarCurrently we have been spoiled by many advanced technologies that can facilitate daily activities. But the development of this one technology, it seems to be a monumental because it will change human life in a fundamental way. Like how mobile phones or cars today can have sophisticated functionality and are tracked from everywhere because they have built-in chips, there are already some who apply this technology into the human body.

Simply put, there are people who already have advanced microchips planted or put directly into the human body. As reported by The Washington Post, this microchip not only serves as a tracking tool but also claimed to replace all sorts of cards, pin usage and all the things that have been needed identification. So no longer need to bring atm everywhere, just stick or waving palms.

Human life will obviously be much more practical, but this technology is also questionable from the ethical side or not. Create a mere curiosity or who might be interested in planting chips, check out this special Hipwee News & Feature review!

No longer just in concepts or research, hundreds of employees of technology companies have been willing to plant this sophisticated chip into their bodies since 2015

This technology is not only claimed to simplify human life, but also signifies the beginning of the modern human era. The planting of microchips into the human body is also no longer just an idea or concept, but it has begun to be practiced in several countries. The pioneer is a company in Sweden called Epicentre. The company has been offering chip-planting programs to its employees since 2015 ago. Already more than 150 employees of these companies volunteered to join this program. Then in 2016, technology company based in Winconsin, United States, the Three Square Market also follow the steps. Means at least hundreds of people now already have sophisticated chips in his body. Wow!

This technology combines humans with machines that reportedly make the activity more practical

Microchip known to be Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is planted in the skin between the index finger and the human thumb. The principle is the same as a swipe card and as a solution to the intricacy of pins. With the existence of microchips in the body is expected that humans no longer need to carry a series of cards to perform daily activities, such as ID cards, driving license, passport, and others. With chips in hand, they just need to put a hand on the scanner when they want to transact.

In the office, this chip is useful for opening office doors, entering the office computer network, using the phone, copier, or sharing business cards. Microchip can also store information of someone, ranging from personal data to health information. Yes it looks like there is a computer embedded in your body ..

This technology is still being developed. In the future there is even the possibility of this microchip able to connect with the human nervous system

Of course this technology does not just stop here. In the future, this microchip continues dikembangakn. Reportedly later can connect to the human nervous system you know. This raises concerns one day we can be controlled by others. Researchers will also develop this microchip charging by relying on human body temperature. Well when all humans already have chips in their bodies, can not be denied that later we can be connected to each other. Hmm

Even the United States plans to plant microchips throughout the population to facilitate the trackingIn 2016, even the US government plans to embed microchips into the entire body of the population in order to facilitate the tracking! Yes the point is that the government can more easily control the population yes. This plan is touted as part of Obamacare and will be realized this year. Well if the US really apply it, not close the possibility will many other countries that apply similar rules anyway. If it is not obligatory, it is not a problem, but if it becomes one of the obligations of citizens, what is not bothered?

This innovation of course raises the pros and cons. Those who disagree concern about the right of human freedom

The brilliant ability of this microchip not only gave birth to the pro camp alone, but not a few also precisely counter. Because the presence of microchips embedded in the body, we as human beings who have the right to freedom and privacy so disturbed. If we connect with others through this chip, the data we have can also leak. Yes just let our computer connect to someone else's computer. The privacy violation opportunity is getting bigger. In addition, there is also a fear of abuse that can be done by the more powerful parties.

Their privacy can also be threatened by hackers. Various personal data stored can be hacked

Even if the chip can be well encrypted and can secure the data owner, but is also safe from hacker attacks? While we know ourselves the more the technology develops, the more the ability of hackers can grow sophisticated. So behind its many glorious uses, this microchip also keeps a variety of privacy-related questions that humanity should have.

This technology seems to complement the various discoveries related to changes in human circumstances, such as cloning, genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, or nano technology. A statement we need to realize now that human beings in the future will obviously never be the same again. What do you think?

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