Not Just a Delicious Snack, Seaweed Turns The Key To Save The World. You Must Know Here

Not Just a Delicious Snack, Seaweed Turns The Key To Save The World. You Must Know HereCreate a Korean or Japanese culinary connoisseurs, certainly not alien to seaweed. From made sushi wrap or kimbap up to sprinkle rice. In recent years Indonesia has also been flooded with seaweed snacks from Thailand that are finally popular among young people. If the more traditional and original Indonesia, seaweed is usually to be processed into a snack jelly or a popular agar so souvenirs from Lombok. Certainly if the minds of seaweed that crossed our minds were stomach affairs alias for eaten. But do you believe if Hipwee says seaweed is a super plant that can save us all from increasingly dangerous global warming?

At least that's the opinion of the world's scientists. As reported by Futurism, although no one thought, it turned out that seaweed has great potential to help humans fight global warming. As we know and can be shared, the earth becomes increasingly unfriendly to live in. From record hottest temperatures solved each year, to various weather and extreme natural phenomena are increasingly common. So how can seaweed help fix it? See more reviews with Hipwee News & Feature!

Seaweed absorbs more CO2. Using 9% of the ocean to be planted by seaweed alone will be very big impact

One way to fight global warming is to reduce the CO2 content in the atmosphere. For that there are often tree planting and reforestation programs. Trees and plants are believed to convert CO2 into oxygen. But there are other solutions that promise more guys. Still reported from Futurism, if only 9% of our seas planted with seaweed can throw 53 billion tons of CO2 or carbon dioxide from the earth's atmosphere every year. Seaweed plants are also sturdy, he will last long and reduce CO2 on a continuous basis. It seems that reforestation and tree planting are not enough in bare forests aja nih. Underwater reforestation is also very useful.

Livestock emissions gas also contributes to pollution. If all the farm animals are fed seaweed, it can also help you know!

Perhaps many do not know if emissions gas from livestock, or exhaust gases released by livestock, account for 44% of methane gas in our atmosphere. Well, it turns out the solution also with seaweed. If all farm animals diet by eating seaweed, the methane content of livestock exhaust gases can be reduced. Concrete example, if adding dried seaweed to be mixed with cattle feed, then the content of methane gas released by the cow is reduced to 99%. Apparently farts influential cow ya guys. With this seaweed diet is also tolerable let the gas they spend not too thick.

If the material of our mobile phone is replaced with a seaweed-based. It turned out to be cheaper and lasted twice as long

So far we use mobile phone batteries with lithium-ion base materials. Later it was found that lithium-sulfur could be much more effective. Launched from Wired lithium-sulfur able to save electricity reserves doubled, even the price was relatively cheaper. Red seaweed is one solution to realize this lithium sulfur technology. Even seaweed can stabilize lithium-sulfur batteries you know. If the phone battery can be saved, we can also save the electrical energy we use. Imagine the widespread impact if everyone uses lithium sulfur, of course, the electricity saved will be overwhelming.

It may be true what people often say. Sometimes what we are looking for is precisely where we are. Like seaweed, we do not need a variety of complicated technologies to make major changes to the impact of global warming. Even without the need to dream to move from planet earth. Seaweed breeding simultaneously was already very quite helpful nature. Hopefully with this discovery more and more are concerned with marine biota and seriously develop it for nature ya!

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