Not Just Ares Doang, 12 Greek Gods It’s Also Frequently Called in DC Comics or Movies

Not Just AresInitially, it is an idol. Wonder Woman reverses all the negative stigma posed by fans and film critics before the movie premiere. Initially thought to be disappointing as Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman film actually skyrocketed as one of the best film of the year. All can not be separated from the role of the beautiful, Gal Gadot, as Diana Prince who successfully drugged the eyes of all people who watched the movie.

The antagonist was no less make goosebumps. Instead of just fighting humans, in the film Wonder Woman fought against the gods. No half-hearted, the enemy is Ares the God of War!

As a fictional character who has an alliance with gods, no wonder if there is a god character that appears in Wonder Woman. Even in the comic version, there are many gods that once appeared there. One of them is the 12 supreme god Olympus

1. Who does not know Zeus? This god goddess also once loh into the world of DC

2. If Zeus enters, Hera as queen of the gods of Olympus also surely exist. Here if you do not believe it

3. The patron of the sea has also entered the DC Comic world. Poseidon sakti when carrying his trident

4. Do not be surprised if Hades the underworld guard also exist. He and Wonder Woman often cross

5. Well the goddess of fertility and harvest, Demeter, the formation is rich in this world DC

6. Hestia is the goddess of heart and family. He has appeared on Wonder Woman comics

7. The goddess of love named Aphrodite is also often appear in the comic Wonder Woman really

8. Hermes the messenger messengers have a high speed, Flash wrote you can lho he tandingi9. The first appearance of Apollo the sun god is on the Wonder Woman comic

10. Athena the goddess of war obviously never entered into her comic Wonder Woman. He is referred to as one of Diana's two mothers

11. Artemis himself is the god of the hunter. The ability to fight no doubt

12. If this one you know. Ares is the god of war and the mortal enemy of Wonder Woman

Well if according to you, about which gods are the right nih suitable for entry into the Wonder Woman movie later?

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