Not Just Cheap, It Tips on Choosing a Good and Qualified Headset

Not Just Cheap, It Tips on Choosing a Good and Qualified HeadsetYou are confused about buying a new headset that is durable like? Really really, Jaka wanted to review tips on choosing a good and quality headset.

In addition to the cheap price and cool design, you also have to pay attention in terms of specifications. However, the most important is the comfort factor. Let's start by first realigning the terms.

Tips for Choosing a Good and Qualified Headset

1. Differences Headset, Headphone, and Eearphone

A headset is an audio device consisting of headphones or earphones and microphones incorporated in a single unit.

If the headphones are basically almost the same as the headset, the difference between headphones is not equipped with a microphone. While the earphone is actually almost the same as the headset and headphones, but the way of life by clogging into the ear hole. Clear right?

2. Types of Earphone

Continue to the types of earphones, there are two forms of earphones. First earphone In-Ear Monitor (IEM), usually this type using rubber and enter into the ear hole.

Excess earphone In-ear is not pain when worn. Unfortunately, not all earphones of this type have a comfortable bud to enter the ear.

Both earbuds are usually using a hard round plastic, because it is only taped to the ear and not fit. As a result there is still a little gap that makes the sound from the outside can enter and a little pain is used.

So, tips on choosing a good headset from Jaka if you want to choose this earphone should look for that has a size that can fit your ears. Do not be overwhelmed and do not be too small.3. Earphone On-ear

On-ear earphones use a headband so as to attach to the earlobe, feels more comfortable and not hot. These earphones also have two types, some are light and some are heavy with earplugs called Over-the-ear earphones.

In this case you must be smart to choose the size of earphones, make sure the head of the ear head cover at least 95 percent of your ears. So it can be used comfortably in the long term.

If you buy online and can not try before buying, you should find headphones with a customized headband if you

4. Wireless Earphone

The one is arguably the coolest, because it does not need to be complicated with cable. You just need a bluetooth connection to connect with your existing device.

Unfortunately, because it comes cordless, these earphones require a wireless battery recharging. Quite inconvenient, but paid from its more mobile functionality.

In addition, if you want good quality, the price is also quite expensive and the range is also varied.

5. Find Out More Specifications

Now that you know the terms and types of earphones, now find out more about the specifications of headsets.

So how do you know if the product is good or not? Because you can not try earphones before buying.Well how to find out is to check the specs of your headset coveted. Here are the technical specifications you should check when choosing earphones:

Impedance – Basically, the higher the impedance of the device, the current of the flowing voltage will decrease. To achieve maximum power, and in this case, the best sound quality, one of which is to match the impedance from the source to the impedance of the earphone.

Sensitivity – To listen to safe music, you must choose the best earphone with mid-range sensitivity level. If you choose high-range sensitivity, and only with half a percent of the volume, over time your ears will be damaged.

Frequency Response – Measured in hertz (Hz), this refers to the audio frequency range of the earphones can be repeated. Knowing the frequency response of headphones can help you choose the right device if you want to listen to certain types of music. For example, if you want to hear music with the bass flow, then you should look for earphones with low bass frequencies.

Drivers – Works to create sound in your device. So the stronger / bigger the driver, then the sound that comes out will be more qualified. Drivers can also enhance bass, mid and treble in accordance with certain musical genres.

Sound Isolation – This earphone serves to block out other sounds around so you enjoy the music you listen to. Perfect for those of you who are often in traffic or in crowded places.

Noise Cancellation – Unlike Sound Isolation that separates music from background sounds, Noise Cancellation works to block any kind of noise in your environment. It is impossible that you can hear any sound from outside, and can let you fall asleep in a noisy environment.

Sweat Resistant – Do you often listen to music while jogging or in the gym? If so, then you should choose Sweat Resistant earphone. These earphones are built primarily to block moisture from sweat.

Bluetooth – These types of earphones connect to your device using Bluetooth technology. They offer great freedom especially if you are doing sports or activities that require a lot of movement.

6. Perfect Fit

Not all the best earphones can fit our ears. Factors such as ear shape and earphone design are different.Thus, finding a good Earphone that fits your ears is important. Bad earphones will only hurt your ears after a few minutes using them primarily for people with sensitive outer ears.

Jaka recommend buying earphones with a soft nestle in your ear hole. Most of them have rubber pads that do not hurt like plastic.

There are also other options that may be more comfortable such as special earphones equipped with foam tips, and custom-molded pads (changeable) in the shape of your ears.

The final word

That's tips on choosing a good and quality headset. So, what kind of earphone do you choose? Share your opinion.

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