Not Just Hack, This 6 Reasons People Stop using Social Media

Not Just Hack, This 6 Reasons People Stop using Social MediaSince there is internet, social media has become one of the most opened sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Especially since there is a smartphone, opening social media more easily.

Because of smartphones, many social media have sprung up, such as Instagram, Path, as well as various chat apps. But when accessing social media gets easier, more and more people are removing accounts and stopping using social media. I wonder why?

Reasons People Stop Using Social Media

Status updates, posting photos, commenting, and monitoring other people's activities on social media are always fun to do. You could say cheap entertainment. Just lately so many are deleting their social media accounts, because …

1. Waste of Time

According to data compiled from Jalan Tekik from Kapersky blog, 39 percent of a total of 4,831 respondents decided to stop using social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter because they feel they are wasting their time.

This is also the reason some famous celebrities have no social media accounts. According to them, instead of spending a few minutes commenting on status or creating status, why not use it for the benefit only?

2. Not Continuing Spied

In addition to Google that records every move your location, social media applications can also read your location. Not just location, you even allow social media applications to access your camera, photos, to read contact data. For fear of being spied on, 30 percent of respondents decided to stop using social media.

3. Because hit hack

As many as 5 percent of a total of 4,831 respondents Kapersky on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram said they closed their social media accounts after hacked hackers are not responsible. Uhm, so always use a strong password to be safe from hackers yes!4. Tired of bully

Well, his name is also social media. If anyone does not like us, they can easily express it. So even if we do not like something, can easily show it. Even in bully form though.

Well, because tired in-bully by people who do not like them, 4 percent of respondents decided to stop using social media. Are you the one who likes bully others? If so, be careful subject to the latest ITE Act.

5. Hoax

Because of social media, hoaxes or fake news is easy to spread. Not only self-defeating, hoax spreading can also lead to divisions. Hence, rather than complicated and always easy to believe in the content of social media hoaxes, some decide to delete their accounts.

6. Spam

Who is not upset if the post photos or status in social media even filled with spam people selling their products? In addition to comments, the contents of other social media users' posts are also sometimes full of spam, even hoaxes.

Well, that's 6 reasons most people stop using social media. How about you? If until now you still use social media, what is the reason that makes you survive? And what will you stop using social media?

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