Not Long Harve Storm Harvey Sink US Big City, Now Hurricane Irma Following. More Destructive!

Not Long HarveLately we often mess around with a season that is uncertain. Do not need all the way to America first deh, look at the weather conditions in Indonesia. According to the theory of high school books, now should have entered the rainy season, but some areas are still hit by drought. Conversely, during the dry season yesterday, in some cities even rain.

August 25 yesterday American powers hit by Harvey storm precisely in the city of Houston, Texas, USA. Not just a day aja, even the storm that was mentioned the biggest over the last 4 years, managed to beat the US for four days in a row. Instantly the face of one of the largest cities in the US was changed drastically! If you want to see some pictures of the city's differences before and after Harvey, check here.

Well, Wednesday (6/9) morning yesterday seems to be the worst day for residents in the Caribbean Islands. Because Storm Irma is staying digadang as the Atlantic Ocean's strongest storm in 25 years, has eliminated almost 95% of the island of Saint Martin! Even the storm with category 5 (the highest category in the scale of the measurement of the storm) is predicted to hit the Florida coast in the US at the end of this week. The more serious the events of nature that are truly beyond this human power! Let's read more with Hipwee News & Feature!

Initially the eye of Irma storms pass through Antigua and Barbuda at around 02:00 in the morning. Despite the early warnings, an enormous storm still brings unimaginable damage!

A camera captures Hurricane #Irmas intensity as it bears down on St. Maarten in the Caribbean

A post shared by CNN (@cnn) on Sep 6, 2017 at 6:55 am PDT

Nothing would have been able to prepare people on this small island in the Caribbean region when one of the strongest storms in history ravaged their homes. Although there has been a storm warning since a few days ago, the extent of damage caused by this storm is very intense Irma.

The National Hurricane Center said that this Irma storm brought winds of 298 kilometers / h with heavy rain. At least 6 people were killed by the disaster. He said this figure is not the total number and estimates are more than that. While property damage is not required to be asked again. According to Prime Minister Gaston Browne, as many as 95% of property in Barbuda is damaged, even 30% of them are totally destroyed.

Hurricane Irma is not finished yet. This storm will be visited Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Cuba, by the end of this week. President Trump has handled evacuation orders

Nightmares are not over yet. Reportedly Irma storm will head west and hit some areas. The force of this storm is considered high enough to make Trump through the American Civilian Security Authority, issued an evacuation order. Speaking of hurricane Irma, he said it was so great this storm can fly houses, buildings, and trees you know! The restoration will take weeks or even months. Not to mention the rain that was brought, could cause floods and landslides. Fix, this is the worst disaster in history!

But talking about the storms Harvey and Irma, both have successive letters according to the incident. It turns out that the storms that have and will hit America are given the alphabetical sequence!America has long used a storm naming method that attacks its territory. The reason is simple, in order to facilitate the pronunciation or marking. These benefits are widely felt by scientists or journalists. Yes now try for example in the area A occurs storm, usually the media will call it as a storm that hit the area A. In addition to less effective, using the name of the terlanda also prone to wrong. Not to mention that in area A has been several times a storm. Should I add a date to each mention of it? Very complicated right?

Even for the storms that occurred in 2020 there are already candidates of his name you know!

The storm naming in each year has been recorded several years earlier. The rule, the name of the storm that first occurred in that year begins with the letter A, then B, C, D, and so on. The person's name is chosen to be easy to remember. But for some reason, the list of storm names is only up to the letter W. Meanwhile, if the storm in that year more than 23 times, his name will continue with the Greek alphabet ranging from Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and others.

Well, this list of names is made for 6 years. After the 7th year, the naming will return to the first year. And so on. Then maybe there are names that are not used? The answer is there. This applies to the most deadly storms. Like the hurricane Katrina that ever happened in America 2005 ago, the next name will not be used again.

Create all the victims of Harvey and Irma storms, we pray that I hope soon can be recovered yes! Stay safe, guys!

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