Not many people know, these 4 Celebrities Apparently Have Lineage Heroes of Indonesia!

Not many peopleMerdekanya nation of Indonesia 72 years ago was never escaped the struggle of the heroes of the past. This freedom is achieved with bloodshed and hard work that is not kidding. Their names will always be remembered all the time and be role models for the present generation to the future.

Hundreds and even thousands of lives of the people of Indonesia fell for the sake of struggling for the Republic of Indonesia. But who would have thought if there were some celebrities in the country who had a line of heroes? Although they no longer take up arms against the invaders as in ancient times, they are now struggling to build this country through works. Here are four Indonesian celebrities who have a family tree of our heroes.

1. Karina Salim, artist who is also a singer and ballerina is a descendant of H. Agus Salim, a diplomat ulung Indonesia in the era of Soekarno

Yes, the artist who will turn 26 this year turned out to be a child of Djohan Iskandar Salim who is none other than the nephew of Prof. Dr. Emil Salim. H. Agus Salim himself was an excellent diplomat of the Republic of Indonesia who served as Foreign Minister in 1947-1949. He was dubbed the Grand Old Man (Soekarno's Old Man) in the days of Sukarno because he was so brilliant in the political turmoil of Indonesia.

In 1952, H. Agus Salim served as Chairman of the PWI Honorary Council (Union of Indonesian Journalists). Since he was young, he has been involved in the journalistic world of Neratja Daily as Editor II. His career continued to increase so that he was appointed as Chief Editor. Although the results of pen stroke H. Agus Salim is often considered to have a spicy criticism, but he still respects the boundaries and uphold the Code of Ethics Journalism.

2. Maia Estianty, a singer who already has 3 boys is a great-granddaughter of H.O.S Tjokroaminoto

HAJI Oesmar Said (H.O.S) Tjokroaminoto is one of the most rewarding heroes for Indonesia. His name is also used as a street name in several major cities in the country as a form of state thanks for his contribution to this country. Tjokroaminoto is known as a noble descendant. He also built the Sarekat Islam, an official organization of the earth's son who at that time managed to have 2 million members. He is also known to struggle to equalize the rights and dignity of society in the early 1900s.

Maia Estianty's father, Haryono Sigit who is also a former rector of ITS Surabaya is the son of Siti Oetari who is one of Tjokroaminoto's daughters. Siti also got married to President Ir Soekarno. Having such a close lineage makes Maia always try to keep the good name of her great-grandfather and family.

3. Dian Sastrowardoyo, this talented beauty artist is the grandson of the national movement figure, Prof. Mr. Sunario Sastrowardoyo

Beautiful, smart, and talented, who does not know the name Dian Sastrowardoyo? Yes, this 35-year-old artist has indeed been known thanks to his expertise in acting in many great film homeland. Educational background Dian who is a graduate of philosophy from the Faculty of Language Sciences University of Indonesia also make it as a lot of idolized figure. Not only a bachelor degree course, Dian also continue the master level still in the same state college.

Behind his life known as the top celebrity of Indonesia, it turns out the player Ada Apa Dengan Cinta is the grandson of the national movement figures, Prof. Mr. Sunario Sastrowardoyo. Sunario Sastrowardoyo is one of the few figures who played an active role in two events that became the national milestone of the 1925 Manifesto and the Second Youth Congress. He also served as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the period 1953-1955.4. Artist Setiawan Djodi is the grandson of dr. Wahidin Soedirohoesodo, the hero of the Budi Utomo organization

The artist who is a member of the Takwa and Swami Cantata music group, as well as the CEO of Setdco Group (among others in charge of petroleum and shipping) is apparently a lineage of Indonesia's great heroes. In his glory era, a man named K.P.H. Salahuddin Setiawan Djodi Nur Hadiningrat has been an icon singer who brought the voice of the people along with Cantata Cantata band.

The soul of nationalism that existed in him was indeed inherited by the grandfather, dr. Wahidin Soedirohoesodo. dr. Wahidin who is a graduate of STOVIA is indeed known to enjoy hanging out with ordinary people, so no wonder if he really understands the suffering of the people at that time. He is also known as the founder of an organization founded by students of School tot Opleiding van Inlandsche Artsen Jakarta, or what we know as Budi Utomo organization.

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