Not the Hoax or the Wonders of the World, There is a Glacier Ice Water Appears in the Middle of the Sand!

Not the HoaxIf you imagine a desert, surely in your shadow there will not be an iceberg right? But try to visit the desert region called Ladakh sand desert located in northern India, there is a real iceberg! Not just an ordinary iceberg, too, the iceberg in Ladakh can spray ice like a fountain. It's not a hoax, it's not a natural wonder that suddenly comes out of the ground.

This iceberg is the fruit of the work and thought of a local mechanical engineer named Sonam Wanchuk. As reported by CNN, Wanchuk made this amazing creation special to combat the increasingly severe water crisis in Ladakh. How can an iceberg be grown in the middle of the desert ?! How could that iceberg help Ladakhs who lack water in the dry season ?! Create a curious, look at the reviews of this special Hipwee News & Feature!

Ladakh is one of the most extreme places in the world. The climate is so dry that almost no rain, but the temperature can be frozen

This desert region is flanked by two series of the highest mountains in the world, the Himalayas and Kunlun. The geographical location is what causes the climate Ladakh very dry with very low rainfall, but the temperature in winter can be frozen. The only supply of clean water residents is melt ice and snow from the surrounding mountains.

The problem is that global warming is making the region even more dry. Especially in the important months for planting in the spring, throughout April and May. The problem is, the ice from the mountains is just beginning to melt in the summer. Hence Ladakh residents now often have no water for land irrigation and caring for livestock. This is what triggers Sonam Wanchuk to think hard so that residents in his neighborhood can still have water supply throughout the year. Well from here iceberg which Wanchuk call ice stupa born. It was named after an ice stupa because it is similar to the Buddhist stupas in Ladakh.

It turns out the science behind the creation of the amazing landscape of Ladakh desert, quite simple you know!

By freezing back the natural melting ice that is usually wasted in the dry season, this scientist managed to provide a stable water supply for the citizens of Ladakh

After Wanchuk froze the melt of ice and snow in the summer, this artificial iceberg can then be redistributed in the form of clean water to the residents' housing through pipes. The ice inside the mound is melting slowly regularly and the water can be used to meet the needs of the population and irrigate the gardens you know. Even during the winter when ice and snow on the mountain are still frozen, Wanchuk icebergs can be melted with technology to provide clean water supplies to residents. Great!

Not only to overcome the water crisis, the ice stupas that started to appear in Ladakh also attracted the attention of many tourists. Tourism also increased sharply!

Sonam Wanchuk has started this ice stupa project since 2014. Originally Wanchuk got funding to build an ice stupa through crowdfunding. Because it proved successful and beneficial to the surrounding community, Wanchuk now has a donation of funds to make 20 ice stupa again. Wanchuk has even planned to build an ice stupa in Peru and may apply this discovery in other extreme areas of the world.

In addition to full benefits for the surrounding residents, the emergence of icebergs in the desert was attracting the attention of travelers from everywhere. Landach's tourism instantly increased sharply as soon as news of these icebergs spread. With the concept of science that is actually quite simple, Wanchuk can change the lives of many people in Landakh become much better. Well that science must be applied yes, let me be useful.How do you guys your opinion about this invention? Clearly, this artificial iceberg recorded a new history in human civilization huh. we pray that such discoveries will be more and more emerging and can help the livelihood of many people. Especially if the shape of a kind of ice stupa like this, well so could be for holiday destinations as well!

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