Notes from the New York Culture of High Appreciation

Notes from the New York Culture of High Appreciation

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Today (08/22/2013) I will remember being a historic day on my journey as a Graduate student and researcher. Imagine, from some of the research I have done, this is the moment that will probably motivate me to be more serious again to pursue research in the future.

This morning, surprisingly, I was taken by my research professor to a room full of Caucasians. They, the Caucasian is a researcher at The International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI), Columbia University New York United States. The room is located in the complex Monell Building, Lamont Campus, was very cold by the air blowing air conditioner makes me feel more cold. Had felt nervous initially to see this unexpected atmosphere. Almost all IRI staff are present in this 4 x 6 m sized room.

Jessica, one of the IRI staff then opened the event which will be filled by research presentation from IPB Team. The first presentation was delivered by my dissertation supervisor who is also Director of CCROM SEAP IPB (Center for Climate Risk and Opportunity Management – South East Asia Pacific Bogor Agricultural University), Prof. Rizaldi Boer. Undoubtedly, with a lot of expertise and experience, he was able to amaze researchers present in the meeting room.

It came my turn. I delivered a presentation titled Establishment of Forest and Land Fires Vulnerability Level in Kapuas District Central Kalimantan Province. I delivered a rather nervous presentation at first. Understandably this is the first time I appeared in public in a scientific presentation in English. Lucky few minutes before entering the room Prof. Rizaldi Boer gave technical presentation directions. I also prepare oral transcripts to make the presentation not work smoothly and not jammed in the street because I forget or confuse express sentence to English.

Alhamdulillah, all presentation slides have been passed. Everyone applauded. It did not take long, a researcher who came directly to the show asked something related to the topic of my presentation. I am a little confirmation of the question to Prof. Rizaldi for the right answer. I answer as necessary with confidence regardless of the quality of my English. Prof. Rizaldi has finally added many answers because other questions relate to institutional policy and further cooperation. While related to technical, methodology and field conditions I answered according to the questions of the audience.

I got a surprise from this presentation session. IRI researchers and staff are so enthusiastic about the topic we bring. Many questions and conformations are expressed in this forum. Finally the applause accompanied the end of a thrilling presentation session for me. Plong feels like this mind and heart. The feeling of wanting to the bathroom that had been felt before the presentation even I do not feel anymore.

Good presentation, Siddik Good job, Siddik, Your presentation is very nice,

That is the phrase of some of the IRI research staff at praise and motivation while shaking my hand. I did not expect them to give such special appreciation. There was even one of the staff who was not present in the presentation approached me and congratulated me on my good presetation. I realize that there are still many shortcomings in my English presentation. But the response of American researchers makes me more excited to pursue my field. Culture of mutual appreciation and encouragement, especially in the academic field is the most expensive value that I get from my trip to America.

To encourage or great appreciation of one's work is the ethics that culture in America. Although the impression of lip-services, but their response to appreciate good to something thrown very quickly and naturally and not impressed imposed.

Although the scientific presentation event was part of a serious agenda on my way to New York, I felt it as a science and cultural tour. Much of the postitive knowledge and culture I have gained from my travels in the United States, especially in New York for less than 2 weeks.Hopefully I can get wisdom and become a material to improve the quality of individuals and families and the environment.

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