Nuclear Battery! 5 Smartphone Battery Technology of the Future

Nuclear Battery! 5 Smartphone Battery Technology of the FutureBattery life is one of the important sectors of smartphones that function as power supply and make smartphones work properly. The more here, smartphone battery technology is also growing, ranging from Li-ion to Li-po.

Interestingly some researchers are now beginning to develop technological innovations in the field of smartphone batteries. One of them nuclear battery loh! Claimed to be a new standard, here are 5 smartphone battery technology from the future.

5 Smartphone Battery Technology of the Future

1. Nuclear Battery

First there is a nuclear battery that is claimed to survive throughout your life. This battery itself is generated from nuclear waste generated from power plants. To make it too, the researchers need an artificial diamond.

Nuclear battery life is also not kidding guys. To spend up to 50 percent only takes up to 5730 years. Guaranteed to make you forget to ngecharge smartphone deh!

2. Water Battery

Then there is a water battery that uses the features of an aluminum-water battery that is able to recharge when reacted with water. How it works, the battery needs to be immersed into a water-based electrolyte to form hydrated aluminum oxide guys.

Reportedly the water battery also has a capacity of endurance is quite fantastic. Although until now has not been officially publicized, water batteries are claimed to last 40 times longer than Lithium-ion batteries in most smartphones today.

3. Bioo Battery Plant

Then there is a unique Bioo Plant battery that produces electrical power from the result of photosynthesis of plants. Can not believe it? Bioo Plant will generate electricity from chemical reactions between the soil and organic material that can charge the battery up to 2 or 3 times a day.This innovation comes with a variety of flexibility and health benefits of the plant loh. Bioo Plant is currently sold with a price range of US $ 100 or approximately USD 1.3 million only. In addition to a battery, can also be a display in the living room you guys!

4. Battery Fold

Next there is a folding battery that seems to be prepared for smartphones with flexible or folded screen, for example Samsung Galaxy X. This battery itself is developed by a South Korean company, namely Jenax.

Not only that, this folding battery product will also be launched into the market for smart clothing industry, namely clothing with smart batteries in it. Wow could be more sophisticated technology industry in the future yes!

5. Battery Human Skin

Lastly there is a human skin battery that sounds very strange yes guys. But this battery technology can be very innovative, where the power generated comes from contact between the device and human skin that rub against each other.

This technology can use a thin gold film that produces little power because of the friction of the device and the skin. In addition to smartphones, human skin batteries can be used on wearable like smartband or smartwatch guys.

The final word

Well that's 5 smartphone battery technology from the future. Yes it is true battery becomes a very important sector in the use of smartphones. Do you think the current smartphone battery is enough? Share your opinion on the comment field yes!

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