Obama’s Stepfather Once Arrested in ABRI, This Explanation Army

Obama's Stepfather Once Arrested in ABRI, This Explanation ArmyThe 44th President of the United States Barack Obama claim to be proud to have a stepfather named Lolo Soetoro who is an Indonesian citizen.

In the opening speech of the 4th Indonesian Diaspora Congress, Barack Obama briefly mentioned his stepfather figure. The husband of Michelle said Lolo is a figure that introduces tolerance to him.

"My stepfather, Maya's dad, is a Muslim, but he values ??Hindus, Buddhists, Christians …," Obama said in Jakarta, Saturday, July 1, 2017.

Lolo Soetoro is a topography graduate of the Faculty of Geography Gadjah Mada University. Lolo is known to have served in the TNI Army (formerly ABRI) as Topograph. Quoted from TIME magazine, Lolo entered ABRI as part of conscription with the last rank of colonel.

Related to that, the Head of Information Office of the Army (Kadispenad) Brigadier General Alfret Denny Tuejeh claimed to have been tracing Lolo Soetoro, who was also assigned to be one of the teams that charted West Papua.

"Topographic service is a unit of the Indonesian Armed Forces agency," said Denny to Liputan6.com, Monday (3/7/2017).

However, Denny said if indeed the stepfather of Obama is actually serving in the TNI, it claimed to be proud because a member of the TNI played a big role in educating the figure who would become President of the United States.

"To be sure, we also take pride in a former President of the United States had been educated and raised by the Indonesian Army Intermediate Officers," said Denny.

He also believes, Lolo Soetoro figure gives a big enough effect for the life of Obama. Moreover, on several occasions Obama often flatter the figure of the father as one person who is quite influential in shaping his character, especially in appreciating the diversity.

"I'm sure Obama's stepfather would have colored Obama's small thinking at the time," he said.

Therefore, Denny claimed not surprised if Obama several times praised Lolo Soetoro and call the man who died at the age of 51 years as a good person and have a big influence on him."Of course I believe Obama has his own memories of this," Denny stressed.

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