Obama’s Story on Vegetable Gardens at the White House

Obama's Story on Vegetable Gardens at the White House

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YOGYAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Former President of the United States Barack Obama do lunch at Resto Bumi Langit. The restaurant located on Imogiri-Mangunan Road is located between the hills of Bantul-Gunungkidul border.

With the theme back to nature, this restaurant makes Obama happy to be there. But Obama, his wife Michele, and two of his daughters had no time to visit the plantations around the site.

"Had not had time to travel because the time is not enough," said owner of Resto Bumi Langit, Iskandar Waworuntu after accompanying Obama, Thursday (29/06/2017).

Iskandar claimed to have closeness with Obama. Because Obama's mother, Ann Dunham and Iskandar's mother, Judite Tumbelaka is a friend when they live in Jakarta.

"Greeting children with children, his mother's friend's son met each other," he said.

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Iskandar and Obama talked about environmental issues. Both agree on the importance of healthy food. Obama recalled that he was the first president in America to have a vegetable garden. Its location is on the south side of the White House.

"The food is grown enough to eat his children and guests, the previous president has never existed (which makes vegetable garden)," he said.

According to him, his restaurant was chosen because of the similarity of the concept back to nature already known environmental activists. Moreover, Obama's stepdaughter, Maya and his wife Michele Obama are concerned about it.

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Darmila, Iskandar's wife confessed, first met Obama. He was pleased with this visit. Some employees and himself had a picture with the 44th president of America."But I do not know, my husband has met Obama many times," he concluded.

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