On the beautiful island of Pombo there are still many garbage

On the beautiful island of Pombo there are still many garbage

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AMBON, KOMPAS.com – Community running Indorunners Ambon staged a clean action of the marine environment in the coastal region of Pombo Island, Central Maluku District, Maluku Province, Sunday (10/12/2017). In this beautiful beach apparently still found a lot of garbage.

In the clean-up action, Indorunners Ambon collects garbage and is then taken using black plastic. "If you throw garbage in its place," writes the banner that the community is spreading.

Coordinator Indorunners Ambon, Ari Yusuf said, net environmental action carried out as a form of concern for the beauty of the sea on the island.

Pombo Island is an uninhabited island that houses a household waste.

This action is expected to arouse public awareness, to maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding environment and not to dispose of garbage in the sea.

With this action, we hope the public will be more aware not to dispose of garbage in the sea. Moreover Pombo Island, because it is located in the middle of the sea is like a big trash can. The island is also a tourist attraction, if tourists are comfortable to come here, cleanliness must also be maintained, he pleaded.

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(Sutiknyo / Photo Archive of National Geographic Traveler Indonesia Magazine June 2011) White sand and clear sea dominate Pombo Island.

Clean beach action followed by 40 members Indorunners Ambon, is the second activity held. Previously this community had done a similar action in Beach Wayame, Ambon City.

We have already held a clean action of Wayame Beach. But in a small scope. The action also received a positive response from local residents, he said.

He suggested that the local government can provide a trash can on Pombo Island, so visitors do not throw garbage carelessly on the island. Because the existing garbage is still small.Also read: Travel Tips to Pombo Island

Ari hopes, in the future will be more and more young community of Ambon City, which also take care to clean environment. Tourists and residents are asked not to throw garbage in the sea mapun around the beach.

Pombo Island itself is one of the uninhabited islands that are often visited by people to travel. The sea on the island is perfect for snorkeling.

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