Only Bintaro Seeds, Not Others

Only Bintaro Seeds, Not Others

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By petra ari kristiono

Indonesia is a very rich agricultural country and is famous for its vast natural wealth and fertile soil, so often people call it the land of heaven. Indonesia also has many varieties of plants that are very easy development and cultivation is also not difficult both highland plants and upland plants low. Finding and processing energy sources that are environmentally friendly and efficient need awareness of each person and awareness will preserve the environment that exists on our earth ini.Karena more and more fuel less environmentally friendly and unwittingly slowing down the age of our earth. is one solution to reduce less environmentally friendly fuels, Bintaro plants have oil content of 46-64% and the oil can be processed into environmentally friendly fuel, beneficial to many people and through some process of making it to be fuel. Starting from the process of taking fruits, drying, cleavage and seed removal, seed refinement, hydraulic presses to get crude oil and to the process how it can become fuel.

Bintaro plant is one of the plants that are often used as decorative plants such as the edge of city roads and city dunes. Bintaro plantation is one of the plants that cultivation is very easy. Bintaro seed is recently researched and turned out to be an alternative source of energy in the future very friendly environment.

Bintaro plants have oil rendemen in seeds that are surrounded by the fruit.Rendemen oil it can be useful for the source of alternative energy materials.Boans seeds are very good and ripe mature oil contained in the mature or old Bintaro fruit.Here steps in pemproduksian from the original fruit to be diijadikan fuel.Pertama we take the fruit that is ripe or old from the tree, then we take the seeds by the way in the split by using the tool, after the seeds we have taken, the next step is to dry the beans and on the roasting over the fire approximately 30 minutes for the rendemen more minya.selanjutnya Bintaro seeds that have been roasted then we gilingg until it is smooth or flour.The flour milled we can extract using a simple hydraulic pressing.Setelah done the oil will be out which can already be used as a replacement fuel diesel engine generator, but still need to be accompanied by diesel for a few minutes.

The residue from the rest of the pressure can also be used as fuel as briquettes. According to some researches, the oil from Bintaro seeds can also be used as another fuel other than the alternative of diesel fuel, but it needs to have purification first so that the impurities contained therein can be wasted or filtered .

One research that has been run and will continue is Budi and his team. Budi and his team do research in IPB, Bogor. From research conducted to get the conclusion that Bintaro plants can be an alternative energy source in the future. The researchers managed to make 1 kg of oil from 25 kg of Bintaro seeds. It means Bintaro seeds efficient to continue the research to become a good source of energy. Added more easily to this cultivation of Bintaro crops. The research of bintaro seeds as a source of energy will be continued and developed because the research will be very useful and used for the future.Supported with a very environmentally friendly process.So the discussion about Bintaro seed is hopefully what is discussed can be useful for all people in order to cultivate Bintaro plant because it is very useful for the life of an increasingly advanced future.

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