Only Have One Day in Denpasar Do not Worry, Visit These Places Only!

Only Have One Day in Denpasar Do not Worry, Visit These Places Only!

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Most tourists only know of Denpasar as the capital of the province of Bali which is known to be a dense activity of city life. The tourists choose to go to the suburbs, where there are many interesting tourist destinations to visit. In fact, tourist destinations in Bali are not only dominated in the suburbs of the city alone. Denpasar is preoccupied with work activities and the number of tall buildings, it keeps the charm of tourism that is not less interesting with other cities in Bali.

Well, if you are in Denpasar and only have one day to enjoy the tourism, do not have to worry. Hipwee Travel has a special leak for you. These places you can visit in just one day in Denpasar. So, look carefully, yes!

Start the morning with a relaxing exercise at Renon Square in Denpasar, while hunting for breakfast and visiting the Bajra Sandhi Monument

Field Niti Mandala or often called Field Renon is located in the heart of Denpasar, its location is opposite the Office of the Governor of Bali. In this area, you can do sports activities such as jogging, cycling, or just a leisurely stroll in the morning.

Well, while exercising, you will find other nuances of Bajra Sandhi Monument located in the middle of the field, looks beautiful because it has a garden. This monument is a symbol of the Balinese people to honor the heroes in maintaining the integrity of the State of Indonesia and as a symbol of the nursery of the preservation of the soul of the struggle of the people of Bali from generation to generation. Here, you will get a miniature picture of Bali from some time.

Once satisfied around and visited the monument, a time to hunt breakfast morning opposite the south door of the field. You can find a wide selection of foods such as yellow rice, chicken porridge, chicken mixed rice, and some other specialties.

While still in the middle of town, stop by the Bali Museum which is located adjacent to Pura Agung Jagatnatha. Brush both!

Not far from Renon Square and Bajra Sandhi Monument, there is Bali Museum and Agung Jagatnatha Temple which you can visit. The location is on Jalan Mayor Wisnu opposite the Puputan Badung and Catur Muka Statues.

Bali Museum is one of the pride of Balinese people who keep many historical objects from ancient Balinese era, Balinese era and new Balinese era. Existing collections such as heirlooms, traditional ceremonial equipment, ancient crafts, and others. In addition, some events are also often held in this museum such as art dialogue, art exhibitions and paintings as well as various other events around art and culture.

After visiting the museum, stop by to the Pura Agung Jagatnatha located side by side with the Bali Museum. This temple is a place of Hindu worship that is always crowded by tourists to see the atmosphere of praying. To get into this temple, you should dress modestly, not wear shorts, wear a sarong or cloth and have to tie a shawl to the waist circle that has been provided by the temple manager. Unfortunately, especially you girls who are coming up, not allowed to go to maintain the sanctity of the temple.

Find a cool place to taste the typical snacks, Sugar Bali The Joglo champion. Sempatkan also there, yes ..Half day trip passes, you must stop by Sugar Bali The Joglo to taste the typical Balinese snacks that are pity if missed. The location is on Jalan Merdeka II Denpasar, somewhat nyempil because enter in the area of ??residential complex. The building looks like a joglo house dominated by wooden interior.

You can unwind while tasting typical Balinese snacks such as Tipat Plecing, Bakwan Keladi, Rujak Sugar Bali, Green Pepper Porridge, Cassava Snow, Chicken Lumpia, Es Daluman, Ice Bulung, and many other tempting menus. Hmm..ngebayanginnya already drool first, right?

Turning to nature tourism, you can browse the mangrove forest while recreation in Mangrove Tourist Area

If you've visited the sites of historical heritage, now it's time for nature. If you want a comfortable atmosphere, in the middle of a green forest, free from air pollution and sound, Mangrove Tourism Area is the answer.

Mangrove Forest Area or The Mangrove Information Center is located on Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai Km. 21, Suwung Kauh, Denpasar. Precisely about 2 km from Kuta or 500 meters from the Statue of Dewa Ruci (Mal Bali Galeria).

In this area of ??nature conservation, you can travel along the path from the wood board along the 2150 meters to see various types of mangroves and some species of birds and endangered animals such as lizards and cranes.

No need to worry if you are tired of walking, in some places have been built cottage that can also be used to observe all the existing mangrove forest. You will feel at home here because of the beautiful environment, green and beautiful.

It is not complete to visit Bali if not to the beach. To Sanur Beach only, yuk!

Although classified as mainstream, there is no harm in visiting Sanur Beach to complete your trip in Denpasar. This beach is located east of downtown Denpasar. By late afternoon, you can enjoy the beach sand and warm weather at Sanur Beach.

If you have ever visited Sanur beach before and feel bored, some famous beaches along Sanur area you can enjoy. These beaches include Padang Galak Beach, Sindhu Beach, and Mertasari Beach.

Do not forget to hunt souvenirs typical of Bali, just come to heaven shopping in Denpasar. Yup, Kumbasari Market!Usually, tourists often visited Sukawati Market to buy souvenirs or Balinese trinkets. But there is a market closer and cheaper if you are in the city of Denpasar. Its name is Pasar Kumbasari. The location is on Jalan Gajahmada, Denpasar.

Maybe you have never heard the name Kumbasari Market, but this market is the best wholesale shopping heaven by Bali souvenirs. Due to its friendly price, this market is home to a variety of shops and art galleries in Kuta, Legian and Seminyak.

Various kinds of crafts, knick-knacks and antiques can be found there. Fun anymore, all the goods in Kumbasari Market worth leaning or relatively cheap, and certainly can be bargained. The market is open 24 hours so you do not have to worry about time, yes.

Close your day in Denpasar with dinner, typical food menu Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Ibu Mangku make your stomach full

Closing your trip in Denpasar, a time you eat dinner with a typical culinary Bali in Ayat rice Mangku Mangku kedewatan. This place is quite famous for having been established since 50 years ago.

Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Ibu Mangku is a kind of mixed rice containing chicken meat served with egg, lawar, satay lilit and sambal matah. His trademark was in his spicy taste. Lawar is a mixture of vegetables, grated coconut, and chicken meat. While satay lilit is a sea fish that is used as sate and then burned. The atmosphere here is so comfortable, lots of shady trees, orchids on the walls, sitting lesehan with koi fish pond in the middle. Hmm .. really delicious.

Well, not confused anymore it should be where when menyambangi Denpasar? If traced again, there are still many places that could be a recommendation of tourist destinations in the city of Denpasar. So, ready to have fun?

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