Only the Natuna Islands Children Feel the Excitement of the Journey of This Kind Life!

Only the Natuna Islands Children Feel the Excitement of the Journey of This Kind Life!

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Hearing Natuna's name, maybe some people when he heard his name a little confused, or frowned. Maybe also surprised and thought, Where tuh ?. Even for those who have heard, some people might think Natuna is an underdeveloped area. Well, it is located on its own end and is in the middle of the sea in Indonesia.

But behind the unpopularity, there are many things you should know. We children who are born or who have been raised and live long in Natuna, have a distinct impression about this district. Yep, here are some experiences and little facts about Natuna, an archipelago that has the nickname Pearl in the North End this!

1. NATUNA it (he said) in NTT and also in RIAU!

Natuna is NTT? mentang-mentang Natuna name so short response directly buulang NTT.
Far beud keleuus

Mbak-mbak: Where is mas?

You: From Natuna mbak.

Mbak-mbak: (forehead shrink) Ooh ya, wah far ya mas, in NTT huh?

You: Not Ma'am, Natuna is in Riau Province.

Mbak-mbak: Oooh Riau! Yes, Yes, Yes..

You: Not Riau Mbak, but Riau Islands. Differences with Riau.

Mbak-mbak: Oh yes yes, Pekanbaru is not it?You: (Shoot it with bazooka + throw grenade)

Sure, it was Natuna area under Riau Province, but in 2002 we separated ourselves by forming the New Province of Riau Islands Province.

2. If anyone already knows where Natuna is located, they must have a strange comment bin magic!

First response: You are from Natuna right? Still Indonesia or Malaysia anyway?

It is located a bit off the path of Indonesia. The location is slightly jutting to the north, making people think that Natuna is no longer including the territory of Indonesia. Geographically Natuna is already outside the border, it should belong to the neighboring country.

Also, plus when they heard me and friends from Natuna were talking, Malay language and cengkok, Natuna dialect, which convinced them that Natuna was not included NKRI. Yes but we proudly replied,

Relax, Garuda is still in my chest really! (Tap your chest until cough)

The second response: Gosh, that's Natuna? Is there a mall and car there? HP signal how?

You: This is also my island (while pointing the location of Natuna Island)

Friends: Hhaaaah, what is Natuna? far away! Is there a mall? indom * ret, alf * mart? Where to go shopping? Forest all ya? you live in a cave? Electricity how? HP signal is not there? Internet how?

You: (pause for a moment, take a deep breath .. STEP BACK PASSING!)well, that's the constant question when I tell the location of the island of Natuna. Indeed mall not exist, indom * ret and the like also not exist. If you want to shop also diwarung grocery store and minimarket aja. HP and internet signals yes there is! But it is a bit slow, still need extra patience to use it.

Electricity? There really is !! Emang often died also electric. But we also do not live in the forest also keleus. Ngebayangin located at the north end that makes people think Natuna child lives primitive, masha Allah !! As a matter of course, on the island Natuna PLN Office, Telkom, post office since long before Natuna district, yes approximately 30 years ago.

There is even a RRI station that he said is the first National Radio station in the district throughout Indonesia, Trus Transmigarsi office also already there when still status as a district. Then also my house is also there, okay not important .. skip.

3. When people know you are from Natuna, they will think you are an oil skipper, aka a hawai kayah!

Gentlemen: Where are they coming from?

You: I'm from Natuna, sir

Gentlemen: Ohh Natuna. Son of the rich man ni?

Rich, it is the response of some people who know little about Natuna. Maybe because Natuna is famous for its natural resources, especially the abundant gas, even the largest in Asia. And the number of oil companies that operate in Natuna sea that gives a large salary to employees.

In fact, yes not necessarily also your parents work in the oil company. If so, the treasure you have belongs to the parents! Anyway, just a LITTLE, Natuna native who works at the oil company there. Can be counted finger maybe .. yes maybe!

If people think rich, yes diamini wrote. Aamiinnnn. Natuna's child, aamiinin used to dooong. (Aamiin.)

4. Although Natuna is known as a producer of energy (oil and gas), but that's all not reflected in everyday life.Yes so deh, to die electricity so an ordinary thing for Natuna child. Let alone in the islands around, in the district capital just electricity is still often come and go as they pleased. Moreover, the remote areas.

There is a schedule of life from 6 pm to 6 am. There are also areas that can be hours of power off, some can go all day without electricity. And when you wander and confront a sudden power failure, you are the most relaxed child Natuna in the dark.

is jeseu, yau (already biasaaa)

5. You should be grateful that your house is safe from earthquakes and volcanoes. But your area is often a bone of contention by a foreign country!

We should be grateful, although the island is located at the very end of the middle of nowhere. But Insha Allah, the island of Natuna is safe from the earthquake. Because the position of this island that is not bypassed the plates of the earth.

The island is also not in the ring of fire, so the island is safe from the earthquake is also free from the volcano, so at least you do not have to worry about the eruptions or fly ash.

But the threats that often come from outside countries. Yes, the outsiders often claim that Natuna has them. Hmmm. love ga ya? : p

6. Since your hometown is located on the tip of the archipelago, for you the moment of going home is one of the major struggle phases in your life.

First: The ticket prices are sky high.

Ticket prices make you often think to go home. Ticket price from Batam to Ranai, can reach 1.4 MILLION. Well for those who migrate to Java, must travel the fastest 2 days journey, because you must stay first in Batam or Pontianak to wait for the plane schedule the next morning.

So it is not uncommon for those who choose to go home at least once a year when the holidays and Idul Fitri fasting. In fact there are also new home every 2 years, and can even be more like Bang Toyib.Second: another slightly cheaper route is to ride the PELNI Ship that eats the energy and time a lot!

Yes, this route is commonly used by colleagues in Java. Cheap indeed, but quite time consuming and also energy. If you are in Bandung or Jakarta can go to Tanjung Priok, aboard the destination Natuna with 3 days 2 nights.

If you are in Jogja and Malang, the route to Tanjung Perak Surabaya, aboard the destination boat Natuna with approximately the same time. Ticket prices are also affordable, not until 500rb.

Third: the deposits of people home, friends, neighbors will also fill your suitcases.

Yep, order! This is a phenomenon that is often experienced by Natuna children when going home, more deposit than own goods. Cargo items also vary, ranging from cake Lebaran, pernih pernih, snacks, sports equipment, until the pillow as well.

As a result, the mudik plan only brought 1 backpack and 1 suitcase, increased to 2 boxes and bla-bla-bla. Hence, some of them sometimes keep their MUDs secret, who know only 4 elements: YOU, YOU PARENT, GOD, AND TICKET AGENTS. Ha ha ha ha.

Fourth and last: You have to take a few hours to get to the house.

For those of you who are in Sub Bunguran Barat, Pulau Laut, Pulau Tiga, Midai, Serasan, and Serasan Timur. Upon arriving at Ranai, either by plane or by ship, you still have to consider the ship's schedule there. The furthest distance to go is about 15 hours, it is also a good weather if it fits in the NORTH season, the season where the storm, rain and big waves arrive. Yaaa, wasaalam wrote

And for those of you who live in Kecamatan that are still in Bunguran Island, you can use ground transportation with long hours also, depending on the location and condition of the road. hmmmmm.

7. His name is also the outermost area in Indonesia, whose name of entertainment is definitely already very rare!

Do not expect to find a mall in Natuna, because it does not exist. Nearby malls are in Batam and Pontianak, Constraints lies in the end of this yes, no mall, biskop not nemu. Want coffee strabucks or J.Co? Dream firstThe place of entertainment is most only place karokean aja, it's also new year 2012an start rame. However, for local residents, just stay at Natuna. They have their own way to please themselves, not necessarily to the mall, hanging out at J.Co dll.

8. But that does not mean the child Natuna Less Entertainment. The beauty of nature in Natuna is a natural entertainment that is unbeatable even by the mall!

Natural wealth owned by Natuna not wasted by local residents, as a substitute for entertainment in big malls like in big cities.

Natural tourism

The natural wealth possessed by Natuna deserves to be empowered with the maximum. Love nature, and they will give you more change.


Because Natuna is an island, of course has a row of beautiful beaches, it's a pity to pass up. Just leave at Selahang Bay Beach on Bunguran Island, Sisi Beach in Serasan, Pantai Harapan in Midai, Pasir Marus Beach in Sedanau, and much more!

The mountains

Just climb the mountain, not too high really, about 999 mdpl!


This is one of Natuna's other attractions, the rocks. Yep, both beaches and mountains in Natuna there are many large and beautiful granite stones. Sindu Stone, Russian Rock, and Alif Stone in East Bunguran.Batu Kasah and Batu Gajah in South Bunguran, and much more!

The islands

Many small island destinations can be visited in Natuna, and everything is AMAZING!

In order to make your roads more blessed, stop by to the Great Mosque of Natuna!

To commemorate history, Natuna also has a museum!


9. Talk about the stomach and kunya-chewing, Natuna has a unique culinary that makes your tongue addicted!

Because Natuna is an archipelago, so the main food is the main food that comes from the sea. Fish, shellfish, octopus, squid with various forms of cuisine is a very unfortunate thing when you pass by. There are also typical food you know.

There is a table mando / PizzaNa (Pizza Natuna)

Mando table is a typical food from Natuna. Made from sago, fish, and other spices mixture. We call it Natuna pizza, because it is served in a big round shape like pizza. Very steady eaten while warm, split (dicocol) with sauce with his partner water kahwe (coffee).

There are kernas, Ubi cuco, various fried foodsCombine with coconut water while relaxing on the rocks and beach. Wuih, ajiibb coy, you have to nyobain!

10. Each region in Indonesia has its own characteristics. not to mention Natuna!

Kekah, Natuna native animals.

Kekah is a rare primate species that exist only in the Natuna regency, namely the island of Bunguran Besar. The Latin name of this primate is Presbytis Natunae. Kekah is spread in several habitat types and altitude (highest mountain is Mount Ranai 1,035 m asl). Habitats inhabited by the Natuna Empire are, for example, primary forests of mountains, secondary forests, old rubber gardens, riparian areas, and also encountered with mangrove forests and mixed gardens.

Serindit melayu

Natuna Regency, especially Ranai City dubbed as Serindit City, and it turns out that is the name of Bird. Yep, Bird Serindit, or Punai Bird or in its scientific name Loriculus galgulus is a kind of bird that is contained in the genus of birds serindit Loriculus. This bird is small, with a length reaching 12cm. Its feathers are dominated by green with red tail feathers.

Both male and female are similar. The male serindit has a blue spotted head and red throat spots. Female birds are duller than males.

11. The residents of Natuna also vary and have their own characteristics!

The question of their accents and dialects

Deak, mbese itak kohndok?

Lah lom?Deak au ni, nak goop ngan pak nggan nggan.

legitimate nak style lah, lik nu ku

Let alone outside the Malay regions such as Java, and Borneo, fellow Malay regions such as Riau, West Kalimantan, and even fellow Riau Islands Province many do not understand the Natuna Malay original language. The strange Malay language is, indeed, different from the others. Oddity that means, that Natuna once had a great civilization in the past.

Actually there are various kinds of accent and crook in Natuna. In Eastern Bunguran for example, the vowels of the language are mostly the letter E plus the language and the short-spoken word. For example the Ulu River says they say Ngulu, Setengar said they say Tenga, said Pedek Pasek they call Dek esek. Yes so deh, hahaha

Another in West Bunguran, the vowels in most of the O languages, so if the BunguranTimur say no it ndek, Western bunguran call it ndok. Not to mention the Midai, Pulau Laut, Serasan, all have their own uniqueness.

And unique, when migrating the child Natuna this can quickly adapt to the accent where he wandered. No wonder, many people will not believe you are from Natuna. And the accent is certainly going to stick out when you meet with fellow Natuna on the ground overseas. HEHEHE.

People in Natuna are very diverse, because there are many immigrants who choose to make Natuna their hometown.

Natuna residents can come from anywhere. In fact, throughout 1970-1980 many outsiders migrated to the island through the transmigration program. They married and eventually make this Natuna as their hometown. Bugis, Batak, Java, Lampung, when they were born and raised in this island, they still consider themselves as Natuna's children.

What is unique when they combine their native language with the Natuna Malay language,

Cloud ndek nak, mbehal crew makse cloud

Well, try reading with Javanese accentWhoever you are and where you come from, when people ask where you come from, you will be steadfastly answering:


12. Even if you ever left the Natuna. You always promise to go back to Natuna. You want to be useful and contribute to your birthplace!

Lots of Natuna residents, especially students, who migrate and study in Java, Kalimantan, and Sumatra. After graduation, they are willing to go home to build their area. Armed with the knowledge that has been obtained in place overseas, they must have the intention of developing the city of origin into a larger city.

Who is studying Teacher Training will develop an education in his area. Field of development, obviously want to build the region for the better. The Governance Sector wants to build a region in the government sector, serving the civilian population. And much more!

As Natuna's child, you will not be concerned with the haphazard entertainment, the streets are not smooth, the internet access is slow and the electricity is minimal. For you, the important thing is to build your place of birth and be raised for the better!

When people ask if you are proud to be Natuna's child who lives on the other end? Smile and answer aloud:


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