Originally call the name of Asian visitors ‘Ching Chong’, New York restaurant employee was fired

Originally call theA restaurant in New York City, United States, fired one of his employees because in a paper on the bill he wrote the name of a visitor from Asia with 'Ching Chong'.

Facebook social networking user Ziggt Chau uploaded a photo of the bill on Wednesday last week. In the paper the Cornerstone Cafe restaurant bill was printed, "Visitor Name: Ching Chong."

In the photo caption, Chau said the event was experienced by a mother of her friend. He then called on social media users to boycott the restaurant until they apologize publicly.

"Better to call their names outright, let people know they (restaurants) have racist employees," Chau wrote, as quoted by the Straits Times on Tuesday (22/8).

Chau then said racism has no place in the world and he asked his fellow Asians to speak out. He then ended his writing with the #BlackLivesMatter tag, an antirelist campaign against blacks in the United States.

In his latest news, Chau then said, his girl friend did not want to enlarge the problem so she called directly the restaurant manager to protest.

"I explained the problem to the manager named Rocco who asked me, so what is the name of the visitor?" I said that Ching Chong's name on the bills meant harassing Asians, and then apologized and said his employees might have misheard. "

Chau then says that although he does not want innocent people to lose his job, it is another matter to insult people.

On his Facebook page, Rocco's manager later expressed his apology and regretted the incident.

"Today's incident made me speechless, the situation made me have no choice but to dismiss this employee because of his irresponsible behavior," he wrote. [pan]

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