Other Functions Of Chopsticks Besides Eating Chicken Noodles, Or Your Jewish Men’s Pancakes

Other Functions Of

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If you hear the word chopsticks, you must immediately think that there is chicken noodles, sushi or other foods that are identical with this Sakura State special thing. But, have you ever described the chopsticks as objects that have many functions in everyday life? As a hairpin or a clothesline clamp, for example. Hahaha, yes indeed this is the reality.

Here are 10 other uses for chopsticks other than to eat chicken noodles, or former noodles from behind.

1. By arranging it into several series, chopsticks can be a backrest for your gadgets

Maybe your gadget needs a backrest when you're tired of grasping it. Instead of sacrificing your hand, mending back from your creations. Sessions listening to music even more cool without having to hold it. Simply place it on the backrest made of chopsticks that are put together. You can put it together with glue iron for maximum adhesive.

2. Thanks to keruncingannya, chopsticks can you use to clean the dirt in the shoe

This is special for you who have shoes with large sidelines under the soles. Without the hassle and dirty your hands, chopsticks can also chase away stones or soil in between the shoes. But after that do not use again to eat, yes.

3. In order for the view of your lights not boring, just use the composition of chopsticks as a home-home

For you who are bored with table lamps that so aja, it's time to add decoration on it. Stack alternately until the chopsticks resemble a cage. Then place the lights inside. Not only can be a lamp, you can also fill it with your favorite aroma therapy candle.

4. Drying sessions will also be more fun, if your clothes clasp is made of two glued chopsticks

Cut half the chopsticks, then tie them with rubber in the crosses. Your clothes will look anti-mainstream with DIY chopsticks. So, no need to spend money to buy clothesline clothes. Guaranteed sunday you even more fun!

5. There will be no more potted plants that grow irregularly thanks to chopsticks that you make a braceMake you a hobby of gardening and struggling with the world of plants. Sometimes confused to make your little plant grow directed. Chopsticks are dianggurin can be a solution. Plug in your chopsticks where you want to shape the direction of growth. If your plants begin to rise, stack the chopsticks up and tie them with rubber or straps.

6. Make a pedestal or saucepan can also. Here's how

Put your chopsticks in a row, then tie with a rope in each trunk. Make sure you tie it tightly to keep it off. This placemat can decorate a dining table or a kitchen utensil for a hot pot. Can also be your inspiration who want to open a restaurant, let your customers more cool to eat later.

7. Do you like greening? Your chopsticks can be a cover of potted plants

Dress your chopsticks with wrapping paper or used magazine paper. Glue it with a strong glue to hold it up. Arrange to form a pot cover decoration according to taste. This trick can make your pot closed nicely.

8. Let the more unique, forming chopsticks into spheres like jars will be the most fun activities!

Your chopsticks can be combined and shaped into a storage box. Prepare a thick rolled cardboard for the inside. The shape of the cardboard in accordance with the shape of the box you want. Dress the outside with the chopsticks you have cut to the box height. Do not forget to add decoration let the classic, yes.

9. Take advantage of the form of a long, pointed chopsticks as a tool to curl hair. Cheap and easy!

You can make your chopsticks a powerful tool for hair shaping. Pick up chopsticks and twists with your little hair. Allow some time for the wave to form completely, then repeat in some parts of the hair until small waves appear.

10. French Twist technique to sweeten hair can also be formed through chopsticks. Wow cool!

Have you ever heard French Twist? Hair do this one could be an option to attend a formal event. Make it very simple, because you do not need to salon and pay expensive. Here's howComb your hair to the side, then tie loosely with small rubber. Cross the chopsticks and place the hair ties in the middle. Rotate backward in the opposite direction of the bond. Paste it with flops to make it look more perfect.

How? Miraculously the chopsticks? Good luck, yes!

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