Other Stories Dariku, I Believe That There is a Higher Existence on Man But Not God Who For All I Know

Other Stories Dariku, I Believe That There is a Higher Existence on Man But Not God Who For All I Know

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I can not lie when asked about who God is. In my head, is something abstract, non-pure, and amorphous. Dark black.

I was born into a religious family. My parents provided insights about religion and others. My enormous cultivation was filled with all kinds of religions. But well, since I live in Java, the majority of people in my neighborhood are Muslim.

Since I was five years old, I was very interested in religious things. I am the one who often asks "Who is God? Who is God's father?" and others to the people. The answer I often receive is "God is not a parent and do not equate God with His creation". In fact, I wanted to ask further "If God is not an old man, then where does God come from?"

But I always quit my intention to ask that. For surely the answer to my question is sin. You sin to think that way.

1. I once thought, why I do not believe in religion? Come to think back, I know why.

My journey in religion and seeing the actions of religious people, made my belief in religion eroded bit by bit. I do not know why. Probably a psychological effect when looking at humanitarian injustices done by people who carry religion, makes my belief in religion faded. Plus see the action of separatism by a bunch of people who are based on religion.

I really admire the stories of the prophets as they begin to spread the religion. Their attitude in dealing with people who do not believe in them and how great their hearts are. When I was little, I imagined that religious people would be like that. But my expectations are higher than the reality, which makes me a little disappointed. My faith is gone after that et c'est la vie.

2. In the midst of religious people, have you ever wondered why you are religious?

When asked, "Why religion?", The majority of them responded because their parents told them to be religious from small. I asked, "Then why are you still religious when you're grown up?" and the answer to that question is still because of their parents. They are afraid to disappoint their parents. They fear if they will make their parents go to hell because of their deeds. I was just silent as they gave the answer.

Do you need religion? Nearly all responded because they needed religion as a guide to life, as their streetlight when the world around them was dark. But even there is also an answer to place complain when there is something wrong in society. I agree with that because the teachings of religion basically make us have their own lifestyle.

Then I asked them again. When you pray, do you feel that you are talking to your God in both directions? You guys to your God and your God to you? The majority of them responded that they did not feel God speaking to them. They only feel a one-way relationship, from them to their God. That's what I feel when I try to believe in God.But some say that their Lord rewards their prayers directly. Others say they feel that there is a God who hears, but does not return his prayers directly. Again I can only be silent to hear the answer. But my brain seemed to want to say a lot about it. But I realize that the debate about religion will not be the bright spot. Such as one of us who 'won' in the debate, it will not affect also in fact – can even damage the relationship of friendship.

I think personally, religion is a good thing if it is applied without the interference of the lust of the human adherents of that religion. I once read the words of one of the Imams, "If Muslims must kill all Muslims who deviate from pure Islam, then it is only the Messenger of Allah who was the only Muslim in the world."

Yes, it makes sense of those words. The present religion is not a pure religion. What prophets have taught so far. There has been intervention of interest from various parties. Sometimes I think that religion is a unifying and efficient means of controlling people to become homogeneous.

3. Do you ever think that heaven and hell exist? What is heaven and hell like?

The concept of heaven and hell always attracts my attention. Although in the book has been described in general what is heaven and hell, still terbesit in my mind. Is there heaven and hell? what is heaven and hell like? I had time to ask my religion teacher and the answer was "Of course there is and religion is our provision to enter heaven".

Is it a very sophisticated place where telekinetic equipment exists, for with the thought of what we want, is right in front of us? Is hell the place where people are endlessly tortured with modern and super-torture equipment? Sophisticated equipment. Yes, from the first concept of hell heaven in my head is the place where futuristic equipment exists.

But what keeps me muddling is "religion as a provision to enter heaven". Indirectly, people have religion only to get heavenly rewards? Yes, it may be that because any deviation from the teachings of religion must be directly linked to heaven and hell. Sin and reward are like the currency to enter the place.

Do not you have to believe in God without having to ask for anything in return? Maybe I was wrong or my religion teacher was wrong then, could be. Because humans do not escape from mistakes. Often I ask the people around me about this. As always, the concept of heaven-hell has always been the answer to my question. But not infrequently there are also those who are not concerned about the concept of heaven and hell. They believe that it is their actions that will deliver results, regardless of the concept of reward and punishment.

4. The number of streams in a religion and still many people who judge?

When I ask about the flow of religion to people, of course they reply that their flow is the most correct. Let alone menjelek-ugliness of other religions, not a few also from those who vilify other schools that are in the same religious umbrella. I do not know in the Ardhi religion how, but in the Samawi religion there are more fragments within the religion.

In Islam there are Sunnis, Shia, Suffi, Qurannist, Yahdanizme and even Ahmadiyya. Inside the fragment even split again in the streams Hanafi, Hanbali, Maliki and others. In Christianity there are Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodoxy, Lutheranism and its various schools such as Roman Catholicism, Oriental Orthodoxy and others. In the Jews there are Orthodox, Reformation, Hassidik, Kabbalah, and various other schools.Of the many streams in the celestial religion, are you sure you are the most righteous and with that you can easily blame the other? The point is stop judging those who are different than you because religion is not yours alone and also people who are not religious does not mean they are lower than the religion.

Indeed, in various religions, reminding each other between humans is a duty. But that does not mean forcing your religion and staying away from it when they remain in their stance. Is it not impossible to impose a religion on others? Do not people have to get their own guidance to embrace a religion that is right for the person?

5. I believe that there is an entity greater than man.

If talking about whether or not a god exists, frankly the theory of ancient astronauts and the ant theory makes more sense in my imagination. But I am also skeptical about such things because until now, humans have not found any other life out there. But if there is life other than humans out there, would not that undermine religion? Because are they also religious and promised heaven and hell by the divine religion?

Questions that can not be answered until there is evidence if they exist. But at least those theories can explain things that did not make sense in antiquity.

For the moment I am an Atheist Agnostic. I do not believe that God exists. I think the mechanism in this world is just a concept of domino effect. But I do not rule out also that there is a existence that is higher than humans, whether it is God who has been worshiped or not.

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