Out of Hurricanes, Now Fire Terrible Make US City Align with Land

Out of Hurricanes, Now Fire Terrible Make US City Align with Land

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The prolonged terror of natural disasters in the United States has not been exhausted. After a massive storm that came crashing into several parts of America, now it was the turn of a devastating fire in California. This area is a regular subscription of forest fires because of the dry conditions and wind conditions are quite large. These normally controlled fires can usually be resolved locally in forest areas. But this time, as reported by CNN, as many as 3,600 buildings in residential areas residents also burned because the fire spread so extraordinary.

Not only material damage, this disaster has even been recorded killing 31 people with hundreds of missing persons report and 20,000 people have to evacuate. The fire point that occurred in California was not only happening in one area. The worst fire hit San Francisco, while fire also burned parts of Los Angeles, Bakersfield, and Fresno. Actually, forest fires are nothing new in California, but what happened yesterday (9/10) is the most deadly. Let's see more information with Hipwee News and Feature.

Initially the fire came from a forest fire in Napa, dry weather and wind caused this fire to spread to residential areas

Aerial video shows wildfires as they continue to rage in California's wine country. So far, more than 119,000 acres have been burned.

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The fire spread from the forest to the settlement quickly at night. On October 9 at approximately 10:00 pm local time, residents began to evacuate and stay away from the fire.

Forests covering an area of ??14,000 hectares are on fire, fires that are difficult to extinguish and continue to spread cause widespread fires

Signorello estate winery was devoured by fire, reportedly the vineyard of this factory was threatened by fire

The densely populated settlement of Coffey Park, Santa Rosa is now flattened to the ground. Stiffens all memories and hopes

Even the smoke still looks after the fire has been extinguished. Santa Rosa looks like a dead city

The only skeletal house shows how terrible the fire isNo exception elite housing and luxury homes in Santa Rosa that did not escape the fire. All burned out

Sadness enveloped California residents who had lost their homes and possessions

In stark contrast to the fun of people on vacation, this fire disaster is also evident from Disneyland. The sky looked orange and changed the atmosphere to be horrible

The atmosphere of Disneyland California looks like the apocalypse. People who had intended to see fireworks culminate to see the flames

Seeing the great disaster that happened to America lately, we should be introspective. Under whatever circumstances we are, if nature turns into a calamity then we are no longer empowered. We pray together yes guys hope disaster victims quickly recover from the trauma of prolonged and lost soon found. Currently the whole country is holding a massive donation to help alleviate the disaster victims and help the local government to extinguish the fire.

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