Overcome Air Pollution at Home in 6 Steps

Overcome Air Pollution at Home in 6 StepsLiputan6.com, Jakarta Air pollution is increasing in big cities. It is very dangerous and threatening our lives. Even according to WHO data, as many as 2 million people die each year due to air pollution. Therefore, never take lightly of air pollution.

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Air pollution is not only from motor vehicle fumes or factory smoke alone, but also can come from within the house, loh! For example, the use of pesticides, cigarette smoke, burning household waste, and the use of cleaning materials.

And to prevent pollution in the home and maintain the health and comfort of the family, consider the steps of the following Rumah.com.

1. Adequate ventilation in the kitchen

Activities in the kitchen tend to produce smoke and steam that can impact pollution on occupancy. Make sure your kitchen has adequate ventilation. If your kitchen does not have ventilation with exhaust fan or cooker hood so that cooking smoke can be directly inhaled and wasted out of the house.

2. Throw away the rotted ones

You may often store your food, fruit and vegetables in your refrigerator or cupboard. Although stored in the refrigerator, foodstuffs or fruits and vegetables still have a limit of expiration.

Immediately dispose of food if it is not feasible or rot. Food that has decomposed if protracted silt can spread the odor that interfere with breathing.

3. Reduce the use of chemicals

Household cleaning products generally contain chemicals. If used too much can add air pollution because it causes a strong smell and chemical content can spread to the free air.In addition, do not store chemical-based cleaners such as pesticides in the house because it is dangerous.

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