Anime Eye Contact Lenses, Beauty Trends That Can Make Blind Eyes – Ladies, what's the size of a person can be spelled pretty?

3 Types of Plants Can Clean Air Inside Home

Image source: According to the latest database of air quality in urban

DPRD DKI asked Jokowi firmly about the building that violated the rules

Image source: DKI Jakarta DPRD mentions many buildings in the Capital City

American interests in the Middle East are for Oil and Israel

Does the west come to Libya on the basis of humanity? Let's look

3 This Disease Detection Application Can Know Any Disease in Your Body

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DPR Stop the Logging in East Java

Image source:,0,1024,537 The Head of the Protected Forests Commission IV of the House of Representatives Azwar Cheputra said that deforestation in East Java, especially around Mount Arjuna and in

3 Things You Should Know Before Buying a New Earphone

Image source: When buying a new phone, it will be accompanied by the provision of free earphones, is not it? However, these free earphones sometimes have a low quality

American admiration for Indonesian Muslim businessmen

The existence of Muslims is often referred to as a terrorist since the bombing of the WTC building in September 2001 ago. However, this does not apply to Muslim Indonesians.

3 Reasons Why The Nose Of The Indonesian People Are Their Peculiar Nature. Apparently There Is a Same Line Equator

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Donald Trump’s Coal Ideas for Climate Change Improvement Criticized

Image source:, Bonn – The US government's plan to promote coal as a solution to climate change has been severely criticized. Moreover, the plan will be presented at