Accelerate Agrarian Reform

By: Iwan Nurdin Starting in 2017, President Joko Widodo in the plenary session

[RTC] Last Zombie

Every morning, Kaseem visits Crump. He went down to the basement and disturbed

Corporate Sues on Forest Fires, Government Losing in Court

Image source:×310.jpg PALEMBANG, Civil lawsuit Ministry of Environment and Forestry to

About the British Virgin Islands

[/ caption] British Virgin Island (BVI) was revealed in a recording heard on

[Review Film] Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle, Ridiculous Adventure in the Forest of the Jungle

Prologue Sequel proved to still be a powerful Hollywood way to attract viewers, and this time the "victim" was Jumanji, a movie released in 1995 that although it looks like

[MYTH or FACE] A man whose stomach is bulging, Mr. Her P is Tend Small

Obesity is often a frightening specter for most people. That is, for those of you who are overweight but do not feel or do not care about health problems, do

A Women’s Journal Wearing Marriage

Where's the turning point of a person's life? As a woman who was born and raised in a thick cultural environment, and from being pampered by fairy-tale princesses in beautiful

Controlling Functions in Management

Image source: Management is a series of activities (including planning, organizing, leadership, and control) aimed at the use of organizational resources to achieve the stated objectives effectively and efficiently.

[Film Review] Devil Servant (2017)

Hi, Kompasianer! This time, I will review the movie Devil Devil by Joko Anwar. Indonesian films released on 28 September 2017 are getting a lot of positive response from the

A Short Story About Love That Can not Unite

The day's staff meetings were very crowded, almost all employees filled the empty hall. Greetings and hospitality between employees are always liquid in every employee meeting, especially the room is