Controlling Functions in Management

Image source: Management is a series of activities (including planning, organizing, leadership,

[Film Review] Devil Servant (2017)

Hi, Kompasianer! This time, I will review the movie Devil Devil by Joko

A Short Story About Love That Can not Unite

The day's staff meetings were very crowded, almost all employees filled the empty

[Edge Notes] Different Construction on Our Glass Screen

What comes to mind when you hear the word difable? People with disabilities,

Confusing PLN Ads

Image source: [/ caption] When viewing these 2 ads I am a person who understands a bit about electricity is confused by 2 pieces of advertisement from PLN which

[Breaking News] Complete Transcript of Witness Conversation from Mirna’s Case of Death. Please Values Yourself Who Came!

The name of Wayan Mirna Salihin these days marks our media page. He is a woman who died after drinking iced Vietnamese coffee in a cafe Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. Until

A Command Prompt Commandable Set (CMD)

Command Prompt (CMD) is a command line on a GUI-based operating system to execute files by writing commands on cmd. There are many commands that can be used in cmd,

Climate World Up 2 Degrees Celsius, Indonesia Has Important Role

Image source:, Jakarta Consciously or not, the world climate change is happening so fast. Sarwono Kusumaatmadja, Chairman of the Climate Change Steering Committee at the Ministry of Environment

[Book Review] Indonesian Peat Ecosystem Peatland Prospect

According to Wetlands International in 2006 estimates Indonesia's peatlands constitute 39% of the world's tropical peatlands. The 21 million hectares of peatland spans three main islands, Papua with 7.97 million

2008 SOE Net Profit Reaches Rp81.2 Trillion

The SOE Ministry projected net profit of all state-owned enterprises by the end of 2008 to reach around Rp81.2 trillion, up from the 2007 net profit prognosis of around Rp71.59