Britain Fulfills the Needs of Energy Without Nuclear Power

Image source: UK can meet its future energy needs and reduce pollution

Brebes protest ganjar so the final waste receipt from Jabar

Image source: Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo asked for a garbage dump

Bonsai Forest of Mount Mutis-NTT Slope

Image source: In the middle of this forest I seemed to be

Bird Flu Kills Ten Vietnamese Citizens

Image source:, Hanoi: Another Vietnamese who died of bird flu infection

BI Governor Energy Savings Slow Economic Growth

Image source: Critics continue to emerge regarding policies to reduce fuel consumption (fuel oil) or energy-saving movements. Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) Burhanuddin Abdullah rate, energy-saving policy will hamper

Beware, Ornamental Plants It Can Be Dangerous to Health

Image source:, Jakarta Home plants have several benefits such as making the house look more vibrant to be able to clean the air around it. However, you also

Beware With Blue Whale Challenge!

Image source: At the beginning of last May there was a news that shocked the cyberspace world, namely the issue of blue whale challenge or blue whale challenge is

Beware of 5 Respiratory Diseases! If Lazy To Use Mask While Exposed to Pollution

Image source: More here the number of motor vehicles increasingly not counting the number in Indonesia, especially in big cities. With the increase of motor vehicles, it also means

Because of This Lho, Leonardo Dicaprio Confessed Wrong Same Minister Susi

Image source: The World Oceans Day 2017 event was held at the UN Office of New York on 8 June. The event was attended by various world figures such

Because of the rest of the tourist food, a monkey in Thailand is obese

Image source: Do not indulge in feeding animals when we are traveling to a location full of animals. Moreover, leave the garbage packed brought. As happened in Thailand, there