The Impact of Jokowi Photo Antre Foods against Child Behavior

Image source:, Jakarta Photo President Jokowi is lining up to take

The Impact of Construction of Skyscraper Building in Indonesia

Image source: Indonesia is one of the developing countries that has a

The Impact of Century Bank Cases For Our Education World

Image source: Reject Closing Century Case It was rumored that the honorable

The Haunted Story

Image source: Hello all how are you? Today is 14th day #

The First Non-Smoking Village in the World is in Indonesia. Dare Ngerokok in Sana, Get Ready for Sanctions!

Image source: Our society is still preoccupied with the pros cons of questioning the rising price of cigarettes. Some have bought a lot of cigarettes, just in case the

The Easy Way to Get Life Happiness

Image source: Being happy is if someone is fulfilled what is wanted, but basically happy it can be in a simple way. Whether or not a person is happy

The Easy Way to Eliminate All That Disturbs Your Day

Image source:–learning-to-love-your-body-quotes-caring-for-yourself-quotes.jpg Have you ever had a whole day? Wanna do aja lazy really. If your answer ever, then your life is full of color. Life is indeed there

The Design of Indonesian Banknotes is Best Called in the World

Image source: Citizen6, Jakarta Although the current use of banknotes and coins has been replaced by non-cash payment with the card, but it is undeniable that paper money and

The Charm of Tulungagung Regency That Makes You Brave to Tassle Him

Image source: Enchantment possessed East Java is not endless excavated. Through the mountains and beaches, you also realize how rich the tourism potential of this province. Well, this time

That Girl Is Not Matre, That Girl Is Realistic!

Image source:–hurting-someone-quotes-when-someone-hurts-you-quotes.jpg Girl matre chick matre into the sea aje! A piece of old school song that had hits in the 90's it seemed to be a reminder of