Take notes! Here Is 5 Important Facts Of Zika Virus

Image source: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/store/10.15252/embj.201695290/asset/image_n/embj201695290-abs-0001.png?v=1&s=2b25e8bcc1115cd586bd81f82ace979552a5ae2b Vemale.com – Zika virus is a hot conversation among Indonesian

Take notes! 7 Destinations in Indonesia that will Hits in the Year 2016. Raise Your Backpack and Bring Your Beloved, Travelers!

Image source: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-RBU3O025DHo/Vck_40jvEhI/AAAAAAAAPXA/V-EXOtc0XKA/s1600/Notes.jpg Tourism in Indonesia continues to grow. Public tourism interest is

Take note, It’s the Borobudur Ceremony Writers and Culture Festival

Image source: https://cdn-static.findly.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/43/2016/02/FinalTakeNote.jpg Liputan6.com, Jakarta Samana Foundation, a cultural activist, in collaboration with

Suspected So Predator Child, Student Achievement and Environmental Activity is Finally Arrested

Image source: http://giantimagemanagement.com/yahoo_site_admin/assets/images/registro.26113957_std.JPG Again the name of Indonesia's famous campus back tarnished. After

Suspected of naturally indigestion, a Komodo dragon on KBS dies

Image source: http://kpho.images.worldnow.com/images/21784087_BG2.jpg Animal collection at Surabaya Zoo (KBS) in East Java, once again reduced one tail. This morning (7/8), at around 06:00 pm, Komodo males are known to be

Stunned Story from Blora. A Bus Trapped in a Forest Suddenly!

Image source: http://chestofbooks.com/food/household/Woman-Encyclopaedia-1/images/True-Love-Stories-Of-Famous-People-No-3-Lord-Byron-100615.jpg Remember the story of a bus suddenly found in the middle of the forest in 2012 then? A few days ago, almost the same thing happened again.

Story Two French Youths Want Citarum River Free from Trash

Image source: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/CZEPViOowaY/maxresdefault.jpg Gary Bencheghib and his brother Sam are two young French origin who have a love for Indonesia. Although not born in Indonesia, they both lived in Bali.

Story Prenjak about Tread and Mangrove

Image source: http://kcc.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Mangrove-story-page-4-e1479258556245.jpg Since the 1990s Tapak residents, Tugurejo Village, Tugu Sub-district, Semarang City have environmental problems. The villages located on the north coast coastal abrasion, the intrusion that causes

Story Mbak Hayu Schizophrenia He Akrabi. Writes So Its Effort Suspends The Heart

Image source: https://i1.sndcdn.com/avatars-000210525796-zq0op3-t500x500.jpg This article is part of the Hipwee Community Heroes campaign. Moved to realize laptop for Mbak Hayu? You can donate through kadopahlawan.hipwee.com and KitaBisa for Mbak Hayu.

Stories, us, and colors

Image source: http://azcoloring.com/coloring/4T9/azp/4T9azpeqc.png All subjects have been used in every span of effort. Melakoni silly scenes on the sidelines of messages to be sent, or when smiling and saying "hi"