Papuan red fruit story that can deter HIVAIDS

Papuan red fruit story that can deter HIVAIDS

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Indonesia is famous for its soil fertility, geographical location in the tropical climate environment makes this beloved homeland rich in the growth of flora and fauna. In eastern Indonesia, thriving fruit that is suspected to have special properties that are useful in the field of health, Red fruit name.

This fruit does not have a small size like Wine and does not have hair like rambutan. Red fruit has a form similar to jackfruit, but has a longer size, oval and of course red.

Red fruit also can not be consumed just like the fruits on the market. Fruits that have a maroon quirky color this takes a long enough process to then be consumed. It is difficult to find this one in the capital, because the red fruit only grows in the area of ??Papua and surrounding areas.

The fruit known by the Wamena, Papua, as Kuansu is a pandan-pandan family plant with a pandanus-like tree, but the plant height can reach 16 meters with its own free-branch height of 5-8 m height which is reinforced by the tunjang roots lower trunk. In general, the habitat of this plant origin is secondary forest with moist soil conditions.

Fruit with bud covered with fruit leaves is not only has a unique physical course. Red fruit is also able to cure various types of diseases such as Cancer, Tumors, Hepatitis, and HIV / Aids.

It is hard to believe that this red fruit is capable of becoming an antidote to the deadly disease of HIV / AIDS, while experts continue to try to make drugs that can cure AIDS. Doubt arising from the benefits of red fruit was refuted and able to cure this one infectious disease.

From information sources cited, red fruit digadang able to control the HIV / AIDS virus because it contains many tokoferol and betakaroten very high.

Both of these contents serve as antioxidants and can boost the human immune system. The content also combines to break down the amino acids needed by viruses that cause AIDS, HIV, so that the virus can not live much longer in the body of people with malignant disease.

Tocopherol is a fat-soluble antioxidant compound found in vegetable oils. Tocopherol functions almost the same as beta-carotene, the prevention of degenerative diseases. This vitamin is necessary for the development of muscle, red blood cells and normal reproduction.

In addition, tocopherol in red fruit also contains a lot of vitamin E, which can thin the blood. This is certainly very good for stroke patients. One of the triggers of stroke is high blood pressure and blood clotting, which causes blood vessels to break. Rupture of these blood vessels is called a stroke.

Unusually again, this fruit is said to grow only in the land of Papua. Until now many experts who try to develop for this one fruit can be developed anywhere, not only the earth of paradise. [hhw]

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