Passive Smoker Heart Note

Passive Smoker Heart Note

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Hi you cigarette lovers out there ..

How are you? I'm sure you have good health and a lot of money because it still continues to smoke it.

How ? still smoking to get rid of stress and eliminate fatigue? Still want to smoke for plasticity lakik? or a handful of any reason.

Did you know that we are also smokers? Smokers who smoke more than you, smokers at higher risk than you. Yes, we are passive smokers.

Basically every human being has the right name and obligation. You have the right to smoke anywhere, but you must not forget that we also have the right to breathe clean and fresh air. That is why there has been a lot of room for smokers who are active smoking area and it is merely to respect each other's rights. We do not want to take your right to smoke free but remember that you have an obligation to keep us free space to enjoy God's grace, that is clean air. We are also the residents of a place that is already comfortable for us, which then you defray our room with your cigarette. If you can not fulfill your duty then do not ever ask for your rights.

Did you know that there are some of us who have died by inhaling the smoke of your rokomu? do not you think that many kids are looking at you and want to imitate you? have you ever thought that many children who are born with disabilities because of their mother who smokes too much smoke? where are you when those things happen? While at a public facility, you light a cigarette without caring about the people around. Though maybe you already know that they will become the next victim. Are you unconscious?

There have been many government efforts to reduce the number of active smokers one of which is to raise the price of cigarettes, the assumption if the price of cigarettes rises will make the smokers can find other alternatives to reduce the cost of spending to buy cigarettes. But does this work? Is there any intention in your heart to stop? may exist, but the intention is not as big as your desire to smoke. Never mind the rising price, the diseases that arise from cigarettes you have never ignored even though the diseases are not a mild disease and easy to cure.

We do not ask you to calculate how much money you spend on smoking. No, it's none of our business anyway. We also do not care if you get cancer, heart and so on. It sounds so evil but here it is, we do not want to bother you and vice versa. We just want you to respect our nonsmoking rights as we respect you who even give you a space to smoke. We care about ourselves and we care about our generation below

How long will you be aware? until there are people you love who become victims? or until you get sick? it is enough to justify by saying smoking or not smoking will die, because in fact all humans will die, just in what way you choose to spend your life, in good health or illness. Because life is a choice!

In religion it has been taught that the best of humans is that which is beneficial to others, if you can not share goodness at least do not share evil. The smoke from the cigarette you smoke does not go away, because you are reluctant to inhale the smoke, let alone us!

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