Pharmacist vs Doctor

Pharmacist vs Doctor [/ caption] On the sidelines of my busy life today, I suddenly see so much discussion going on in WA group of Indonesian Young Pharmacists Group (IYPG). These young pharmacists are excited about the unbelievable comments that circulate on social media. The reason is simple: Pak Ahok attended the congress of HISFARSI (Hospital Pharmacy Seminary Association) and said that doctors sometimes like to be pharmacists, you know.

Pak Ahok's speech if not listen thoroughly can make hot ears, but what really Mr. Ahok convey this with the background and sufficient explanation where the Pharmacist should take a strategic position to conduct drug reviews and more concern to the community. This is the PR of the pharmacists.

Various comments and writings spread in social media which was then followed by various comments from other people there who support, attack, and become a joke. Unfortunately that circulated among social media was memorable to be a fight between Pharmacists and Doctors, which when the initial message should have cooperation from both parties and not take each other working areas of other professions.

I want to share a little history about these two professions that I want to say should be like a husband or wife or parents – children. Why is that? Because we are actually a profession first, try to see simply in Egypt is known as a medical expert named Imhotep, this very powerful person is very expert in diagnosing and also prepare a concoction for the sick, until then we find papyrus eber hundreds of years later who wrote many ancient recipes / remedies. Simply put, we used to watch korean movies and we know about Dae Jang Geum, where we see him as a physician doing diagnosis and also providing medicine. Other ancient records in Babylon and Greece show that there was once only 1 profession as a doctor, pharmacist, and even as well as his nurse as well.

Then what happened? In Greece in particular, we recognize Hippocrates who is currently recognized as the Father of Medicine developed a basic concept of body imbalance. The concept was then developed by a Greek named Galen who utilizes natural ingredients to re-balance the body. This galen then makes a simple classification of the drug. Hundreds of years later, Dioscorides notes how the effects of natural ingredients on the body as he goes with the Roman army. Until then the health profession is still one person who take care of all, but can be seen starting there is a tendency to develop drugs.

Then from where came the idea of ??separation between doctors and pharmacists? In Greece, there is a god who denied a doctor named Asklepios which in his image is always assisted his son Hygeia who brought the cup and snake. Symbol of the cup and snake is what became a symbol of pharmacies that we know in the modern era. This idea evolved further as these Greek writings were translated into Arabic, along with the increasing number of diseases and the growing number of plants that could be used as medicine.

The idea of ??the separation of the profession was then propagated back to Europe, until finally German Emperor Frederick II in the 1200s officially separated between doctors and pharmacists. Along with the development of science then the manufacture of drugs was more standardized until finally began to be formed pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacists remain responsible both in the manufacture of drugs in industry and in the compounding and preparation of drugs in pharmacies.

The number of illnesses continues to rise and so does the number of drugs, a new challenge emerged in the 1900s regarding the control of drug use both in America and in Europe. Therefore in the year 1989 began to be expected not only pharmacists just prepare the drug alone but can help further the profession of origin by doing a review of drug delivery. Various studies were made in which the role of pharmacists in reviewing drugs can reduce unwanted events so as to save patients.

So if we look from this history do pharmacists and doctors have the opposite as we see in social media? Certainly not. We do not need to feel that we are the righteous or we are higher than others. If the husband and wife feel that the wife is just a maid of the family will not be happy, but if both know that we are different and the difference it becomes our responsibility to complement each other then it will be beautiful.

Let us support each other and the close friendship of doctors and other health professions!

Regards,Audrey Clarissa

President of Indonesian Young Pharmacists Group (IYPG)

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