Pigs Must Fly!

Pigs Must Fly!* Knowing Marco Pagot, The Wise Man of the Pig (Part One)

"The law does not apply to Pigs."

That is the statement of Marco Pagot, the amphibious pilot who was condemned to be a pig, in the animated film Porco Rosso (1992). when Marco was at the bar, talking to Miss Gina.

Human nature is sometimes associated with pigs. Pigs are greedy animals, as symbols of human nature are greedy, greedy and dirty. Pigs are not only happy with the filth, but also have no jealousy. He will allow indecent acts committed by others to his family, so if humans have the character of a pig in him.

Is it really so, if in reality human beings really live condemned to be pigs, are all the rules and norms of law in force, not applicable to pigs? Is the pig immune from the law, so he will always be an idiot with what he does?

But the "dirty" nature of a pig does not apply to an adventurer Marco Pagot. Movies duration approximately 90 minutes produced Studio Ghibli, in my opinion will not be absurd swallowed era. Although it was released in 1992, it remains my favorite animated film, where we will get to know the wise pig man who does not like violence — even though he works the free lance of being an "air pirate hunter" — culture in Italy around the 1940s and under, as well as recall the impact that resulted from World War I.

Where, World War I was the sixth most deadly conflict in world history, thus paving the way for a variety of political changes, such as revolutions in several countries involved.

As recorded in history, Italy has been allied with the German and Austrian-Hungarian Empires since 1882 as part of the Three Alliance. However, this nation has its own claims to the Austrian territories of Trentino, Istria, and Dalmatia.

However, in the film, it does not tell about the Italian politics map in World War I involvement. The first focus of this film is the amphibious pilots, air raiders, romance dramas, air forces, and Italian culture in the 1940s down.

Well, I'll start from the first. At the opening of the film, we will be invited to see the beautiful sand in the sun, blue sky, white clouds, waves of wind, the sea is wide, the waves are calm, the strains of Italian music.

Pig mustache man is sleeping casually. Phone bordering and he got the information there was a bunch of "air pirates" are holding small children hostage. Rushing her to prepare to save the little boy for the sake of the reward.He pumps a red amphibious plane bearing the Italian flag, wearing a set of pilot gear, bespectacled, and not forgetting a white scarf around the neck to add to his cool look. Pig is not dirty, he always look neat-clean.

The plane that Pigs rode drove fast. She arrived at the scene of the crime scene. As a result, she managed to rescue the small children who liked her. After that, go to the bar for a drink while listening to Miss Gina sing.

It turned out that Pig is famous. At the bar reporter interviewed him. But he was still cool and parlente, with a cigarette on his lips and a drink glass, he answered simply and behaved casually.

After singing, Miss Gina approached the Pig. Pig and Miss Gina have a special relationship. Marco explained to Miss Gina that she was unhappy with the photo on the bar wall, where in the framed photo she was still a human being and taking pictures with her colleagues. He prefers to be cursed into a pig.

"The law does not apply to Pigs," Marco said.

Then, Curtiss, an arrogant American pilot, hired by the "air pirates" to defeat the pig, approached. Pigs know that this American is a shrewd pilot and has a sophisticated amphibian plane. Curtiss challenged Pig air duel.

But Pig only gives wise advice to Curtiss.

"Be careful to join the pirates, son, they are poor, stingy and they are filthy, never bathe," advises the pig, in a deep voice.

Curtiss was furious, as did the pirates in the bar. But Miss Gina came to comfort her.

Unplanned, the Pig was involved in an air duel with Curtiss, where his dilapidated plane crashed and was badly damaged. Fortunately, Pig survived and related, he immediately told Miss Gina via cell phone.

He said his body was rather thin after two days of being on an uninhabited island and informed him that he would avenge that arrogant American."Pigs have to fly!" Pig's message.

Before the revenge, the Pig must repair the plane. Problem fixing the plane, buying weapons, fuel and so forth, he is more entrusted to the experts who on average are elderly.

Continued. . .

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