Positive and Negative Impacts of Developments in Natural Science and Technology

Positive and Negative Impacts of Developments in Natural Science and Technology

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Humans have been able to make transportation facilities and infrastructure and more sophisticated communication thanks to the development of Science and Technology. Humans have been able to create cars, motorcycles, trains, ships with sophisticated machines, even creating airplanes with super-sophisticated engine capabilities. One of the most technologically advanced aircraft is the concorde 002 aircraft, a supersonic super sophisticated aircraft having a speed of 1400 miles per hour. With the concorde 002 plane distance of London New York can be reached only with time of three and a half hours. Similarly, when viewed in communication, the results of the development of Science and Technology such as radio, television, tape recorder, radar, telex, telephone, computers that even now can be brought anywhere and can be arranged with certain technology so as not to interfere with each other. Radio is a one-way communication tool where listeners get one-way ease in receiving information. So even with television is a means of one-way communication and can be two way if set with certain equipment. Radar is a tool for various fields such as in the field of transportation and communication, as the control of land, air, and sea traffic. Even humans have been able to create a space shuttle to go into space.

Prior to use, human electronic communication tools communicate naturally, using signs, such as kentongan, morse, or sign language. After humans discovered an electronic communication device that began with the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922). Telephone communications have progressed over time. Initially the phone used the wire as a liaison and requires the operator. Now people can easily connect with automated phones that do not require operators and wires, but use satellites. In simple written communication with letters, it is now changing to modern tools such as telegram, facsimile, telex, email and even more practical and fast mobile phone usage, with its new system of short messaging system (SMS) and several years the emergence of chat facility through mobile phone and internet.

With the advancement in the field of communication and the organization makes the remote places easy to reach, the closer the distance, provide employment to the population, increase tourism because the opening of the road to the area, easy to receive information, and many other benefits that can be taken from the development of Science and Technology .

As discussed above, in addition to providing a positive impact, the development of Science and Technology also have a negative impact on human life. Negative impacts caused by means of transportation and communication can include air pollution, sound pollution, aesthetic natural changes, and changes in the moral values ??of human life.

Air pollution can be caused by the construction of the equipment or the act of the people who are not responsible in using the tools. The magnificent concorde 002 aircraft creates very high noise and can disrupt the environment. In addition, the supersonic plane releases exhaust gases that disrupt the ozone layer in the stratosphere ie NO gas which is the catalytic effect of nitrogen oxides.

All transportation means using advanced technology using fuel from petroleum, in case of incomplete combustion, it can release CO (mono oxide) and SO (sulfur dioxide) gas. While premiums can release Pb particles which are air pollutants. SO gas is a gas that can cause eye irritation, skin, respiratory tract, and cause acid rain. Acid rain can damage some materials and plants. Lead (Pb) can interfere with the working of red blood cells and disrupt the central nervous system. To reduce air pollution due to incomplete combustion, in the combustion chamber is installed catalyst modifiers such as platinum, but can not be used for iron. Therefore, raising the octane number may be supplemented with benzene, t-butyl alcohol, t-butyl methyl ether, as TEL. Advances in the development of Science and Technology are perceived to reduce the surrounding natural beauty, disrupt the hydrologic cycle due to the manufacture of asphalt, the smoke generated from the exhaust of the means of transportation reduces the beauty of nature at night, reducing the authenticity of the beauty of natural and marine tourism.

In addition, because of the increasing number of vehicles every day, it causes streets jammed, causing accidents due to fighting over each other, as well as psychological or physiological disturbances from noisy sounds. The rise of internet users change the mindset and behavior of society, because with the internet we will easily obtain information from all over the world both negative and posi

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