Potassium (Side Effects) Potassium Bromate for Human Health

Potassium (Side Effects) Potassium Bromate for Human HealthPotassium Bromate is a chemical that is often used in baking. In addition to being found in baking, potassium bromate is also often used for the production of rubber, foam and plastic. Potassium Bromate has a harmful effect on those who consume it. Here I will give the use of protassium bromate in Indonesia and also the danger of using potassium bromate.

Developer Substances

In Indonesia, the bread making is chemicals of potassium bromate developers in large quantities, so that bread can expand into a large within a short time. The larger the bread expands, the bread will become more tender and large.

In the 1950s, rti took 1 day, whereas bread can now be within a few hours given an improver (bread developer), such as potassium bromate. Bread that uses the material of this developer is also preferred by the Indonesian people, because they prefer the bread is big and soft.

Naively, often this potassium bromate substance is not included in the bread composition label, but is hidden as enriched flour or enriched flour.

Type of Starch Enrichment

Wheat flour enriched with various other ingredients have several types:

Self Raising Flour, this type of wheat flour has been added ingredients and salt developers. This addition makes the flour properties more stable, and there is no need to add other developers in the dough.
Enriched Flour, wheat flour enriched with various vitamins or minerals with the goal of improving nutritional value. Usually the price is more expensive.
Whole Meal Flour, this flour is usually made from whole grain seeds, including bran and its institution, so the color of the flour is darker or creamy.

Of the above three types of flour, the term "enriched flour" should not have such an effect on the body, but should be careful with incorrect or misused labels.

Side effects

Potassium or Potassium Bromate if consumed by humans can cause cancer cells (carcinogenic). Bread-proofing chemicals have been banned from circulation and users in many countries, such as China, Nigeria, Brazil, Peru, Sri Lanka, Canada and the UK. Because it causes cancer, this toxic chemical in the western country is dubbed The Silent Killer or the fine killer.The more Potassium Bromate put in the flour, the more residual potassium bromate toxin left in the bread consumed by humans, the greater the accumulation of this toxin in the body.

In addition to cancer, potassium bromate also makes a variety of problems, such as mental illness, depression, deafness, decreased performance of heart organs and sex organs, etc.

Consumption Limit

In America, the FDA (Food Your Drug Administration) or the US BPOM still allows the use of potassium bromate origin within reasonable limits, but the FDA advises against wearing it. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women, breastfeeding and young children do not consume beverages that contain many chemicals, because it can affect the development of young children or babies who are conceived or being breastfed who are still rebtab and not resistant to these chemicals.

That is the side effects or danger of Potassium Bromate for human health. May be useful for you all.

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