`Potion` Love Indonesia in 6 Composition

Citizen6, Padang: Indonesia beloved country. That sentence we often hear from the mouths of people who realize its beauty. If asked if you love Indonesia? Definitely firmly, you and I will answer Yes! But still I am not someone who is good at expressing my love well. Here are 6 reasons why I love Indonesia.

Wooden sticks and finished stones. The fragmentation of the song may have often we hear but not many of us who understand what the lyrics mean. The wooden sticks can turn into a lumpy tree and a stone can turn into a sprout that produces beautiful flowers nan beautiful. Not engineering, not just magic Indonesian land that can do it.

Flora fauna endemic pride of my country. Who is not familiar with Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) and Flower Carcass (Amorphophallus titanium)? Both become part of the famous endemic endemic Sumatra to the whole world. Its presence becomes a pride for those who know it. A miracle that fosters deep love for this country.

Country of a thousand islands. On this fourth reason, Rayfiqa remembers Geography lesson at school. "We are the richest people in this world because it has thousands of beautiful islands." That's what my teachers often say, "he said.

"From then on I knew that I had become a" rich man "in the eyes of the world, for I became one of the richest countries," he added.

In addition, Rafyika was also proud of the diversity of culture, religion of the Indonesian language. Then, the most important last reason of all according to Rafyika is "Full Color", full of beauty with various colors in the daily life of his nation. (Rayfiqa Maulidah / mar)

Rayfiqa Maulidah is a citizen reporter.

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